Learning English: Accent Training like Potty Training!
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Learning English: Accent Training like Potty Training!


  • Rachel's English

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  • Murat Ünal

    I'm not accent learner yet. I'm still learning English but "listening" your videos like a newborn. There are sounds in there that I don't understand, because I don't know English. But like a baby, I learning a language with the sounds I heard. That's really helpful. Btw I know you can understand me but I'm not good at forming sentence, I'm awareness.

  • Ruben Morera

    This video was so inspirational! Thanks Rachel for sharing it. By the way, I'm one of those people who's always frustrated with his accent hahaha. When I talk to people who aren't native in English, they always take me for a native speaker unless I say English isn't my native language. However, when talking to a real native English speaker, specifically Americans, they always notice my accent which apparently they find "cute" or "likeable" cause they're always celebrating it hahaha. Spanish is my first language but ironically I've been confused with a speaker of any other language except Spanish. Irish, French, Danish, Italian, Russian, Australian, German are some of the nationalities that I've had assigned by Americans based on my accent hahaha. I've been barely learning English for a year and half, so I wish that hopefully some day I could sound like a real "American". What I do in real life to sound like a native speaker is kinda funny and I've seen in the comments that some people have said the same so now I know I'm not the only one who does it hahaha. Acting is what I do! I always choose a character while watching a TV show, and imitate that actor until the show is over. I said it's hilarious because once the show is over I change the whole way of speaking and behaving in English hahaha. It sounds insane but that's what works for me rather than learning the rules of pronunciation, grammar and all that stuff which results really frustrating and boring in my opinion. Your videos have also been very useful for me. Thanks Rachel for being there for us!😊😀

  • олег крис

    Thank you so much for your work! Only becouse of you I started to understand the real american speakers. But, you know, when I listen to you, I understand almost everything, but when I watch american news, movies- I do not. And I wonder why all these people don't speak the way like Rachel does?

  • Rama Rao

    Sister, thank you very much for your wonderful videos which enable non-native speakers understand American accent. You've been a great help to us all.
    I do have a question to make of you if your time permits you to answer my question.
    Difference between
    1. If you come, I 👉will give you money.
    2. If you come, I would👈 give you money.

  • FoxDie

    Thank you so much, Rachel! I'm just a pre-intermediate student but you are helping me to improve also my pronunciation with your videos!

  • Retaj Abubaker

    Hi at the minute 10:00 of the video recheld said (I believe in you ) , how effectively this sentence was ? . I have just writing here to say thank you for your motivation, advice, time you are such a great women? . and I would say Stony you have a great parent , be a good boy .

  • Ricky Rodriguez

    I'm reading a lot of books and understand every word on them, and i have to say that i studyed it myself, but you know i still can't spesak English like i wanted to do ,
    So i don't thik that it's a big problem, that's why i don't giving up for the reading.
    So i recommend to everyone do like me.

  • Ricardo Santana

    Hola, what I do is read books and record myself at the same time, I work my pronunciation and hearing again myself I reconfirm my understanding.

  • Kaifi Azmi

    My dear great Rachel's I have watched your whole videos nd now i know Accent Reduction Contractions Linking Stop and flap T Stress nd Unstress Voice n unvoiced nd Many more About American and American English…I wanna say it is all possible only by You …May god bless you with health n wealth n prosperity n a lot of happiness…😍😘 Love you Rachel's From India…

  • Kaifi Azmi Official

    My dear great Rachel…I've watched your one time 500 over videos…it takes about one n half month…I set target to watch as 20 videos par day n i was watching…But some days are just miss without watching…That's why it takes long time…But now I'm gonna Again Watching…aen I know completely about American English Pronunciation…Thank you so much…😍😍 Love you from India🇮🇳

  • Kaifi Azmi Official

    Rachel You are like One of my family member…You are so Far from me…but You are so close to me nd my heart❤ I love you So much😍😘…As I love my mom… I miss My Younger brother STONEY…I amuse when i see him in Photos nd videos How he started to talk walking nd Listening when you talk…When you make your face as Stoney staring…haha that was awesome…i repeatedly watch that n laught out loud… Wishing you HAPPY HOLLOWEEN in advance…Thankyou

  • Ruy Graça

    I'd like to share with you guys (link on the reply) the result of one my trainings. It's a lipsynch. The process is demanding, hard, but also very funny. You can do it with your favorite artists interviews.

  • Fatemeh Jafari

    these are what I found useful, number one, forget spelling, a kid does not know how to read or write and just imitates sounds, number two, memorise and repeat sentences instead of single words
    thanks Rachel, I really love your lessons

  • Rogério Bastos


  • one for all

    Hi Rachel many thanks for your efforts really appreciated kindly l had a request could you tell me the name of the book you were reading. Best regards

  • Luís Henrique Maia

    One of my greatest accomplishments in learning English is being able to watch series and movies without subtitles and understand them and I also have a good pronunciation even though I have never been in an English-speaking country.

  • Matthieu Boucard

    Thanks for all those videos, Rachel.

    I've been practicing pronunciation for a long time and I noticed a great improvement when I read a text out loud. Even when I record myself : the result is almost satisfying.

    But, when I'm doing "free speech", or when I'm having a conversation with my online teacher, all the progresses I made thanks to my work on pronunciation tend to disappear and my foreign accent shows up again.

    So I guess I still need to practice a lot. I will keep my diaper for the moment. 🙂

  • Douglas Bandeira Rocha

    One of my tricks is ‘studying ‘ presidencial speeches. First phase I listen to the speech at least three times to get how they go through the speech, when they stop and so on.. phase 2 I write down the speech, phase 3 I try to replicate the speech by myself, as a rehearsal, and phase 4 I try to say the speech along with the speaker, making changes to sound the closest that I can.

  • Vic

    Pleake make a video about the pronunciation of "Have" I'm looking on youtube and I can't find a good one u.u Please!!! 🙂 I love your videos

  • 180 Sifty

    Hi,Rachel, thank you so much for useful videos ! I studied real pronunciation from you. Really enjoyed it from Japan. How do I stay motivated in English? That is the time when I travel to somewhere , I communicated with someone in English. In that time , it really make me motivated. Off course, sometime when I feel like I’m stuck in a rut ,or came to a point where I feel my English isn’t improving anymore. It can be chore and daunting task. At that time , I watch your videos. I always remember English is fun! Learning English gives me insights into other cultures. Thanks for Rachel.

  • Wang Xiaocheng

    Rachel,i just want to say i appreciate you sooooooooooo much.you are really a perfect and amazing and beautiful teacher!i love American English because of you.your videos actually help me a lot!i really love you,love your beautiful voice.you're my favorite teacher in my life.thanks so much for helping English learners in the world.Appreciate it again.

  • Saber JO

    HI, Rachel . i hope that you and your family are doing well . by the way I've told some of friends who are interested in English about your channel . right now i'm in America and i will stay for about seven months . what is your advice for me to use this chance of being in America to improve my English . thank you .

  • CJ 4 life

    Rachel, how about a video on the pronunciation of American cities? Maybe the capitals of each state plus other major cities of each state; that would be AWESOME!!! Thank you!

  • Lucia Largaespada

    Hello teacher Rachel! It was good have found this channel, I have little english level but I understand perfectly your pronuntiation, I think that if I follow to watch your videos, i Will learn pronuntiation very well, thanks for you advices 👍🏻

  • Rama Rao

    Dear sister, if you don't think I exploit you, I have a question to make of you.
    1. At primary school, L.K.G or U.K.G students write repeatedly on the same letters A B C written by teacher on slate so that students are able to write English alphabet on slate on their own, one day.
    What do we call the act of writing repeatedly on A B C reading out A….. B…….. C. … . ……. ?

  • Mike Ock

    I'm Australian. I'm not an actor, but I actually would like to learn an American accent for various reasons. Do you think these videos would work for me, or are they only for non-native speakers?

  • antonio de jesus Cortes

    i just want to tell this is the video i needed i try every day to push myself and i think i am now in the phase two however it is just what you said just have to keep trying and practicing i really thank you so much….!!!

  • Alexandra R.

    I read aloud and record myself ..and my head hurts from my accent:)).. but I am not giving up. The only huge obstical is that I live in England, but I want to learn American. And it gets confusing as I am hearing mostly British all around me.. but I don't relate to britishness, I feel Americans much more and the way you speak sounds much more appealing to my ear.

  • success or

    Do you speak slowly or normally ?!! 🤔
    As i understand the most of your speech !! 😍❤ .
    Thank you my teacher 😘💙 .

  • Alexandr AMG

    Listening native speakers is the best way for improving accent. If you will have such habit and will read in language which you want to improve. Your accent will be improved dramaticly.

    I shared my own experience maybe it will be helpful for others.

  • Luis Amiel

    I got the message "we can't produce the language if we haven't previously learn it" repetition is the key to consolidation. I really admire the straightforward way that you explained it. I'll follow this method. TX.

  • Ghayda Ahmad

    Hi rashel i have a question is it right to say: ( she will take retirment ) or i should just stick to the usual sentence ( she is going to retire / she will retire)

  • Rhett Harvey

    I'm a non-native speaker but i would like to share my tip to learn English. First , you need to think about the things you want to say about it and then you translated that to English . All you need is just keep saying that sentences over over again til you can speak it correctly . You put yourself in that situation and forced yourself to speak it without thinking . If you speak it correctly like the same way you practice so well done you are successed. If you don't , don't give up keep pratice again.
    P/s : please excuse for my wrong grammar . Thanks .

  • Hyacinthe Bassa

    Hi Rachel! Thanks for all theses helpfulls lessons.However we would like you to most of the time correct(grammar ,writing etc etc) us when we post comments as we are learners of english language
    I hope you know what i mean

  • tenesi waather

    I've been learning for 12 months but I can talk and understand and still my accent sucks, I don't know what to do! I haven't gone to the usa and I'm 20 🙁 help please!

  • Roland Flabber

    You want to convert somebody to be American who was born as not American and will be. Something that like planted the lemon tree and harvest the apples.

  • Daniel Esteban Yepes

    I've never been abroad or in any English speaking country, yet I've found some kind of illumination or epiphany so to speak " I had always thought that living in an English speaking country was a must in order to improving my English" then I came across this YouTube channel of yours which has given me tons of knowledge that I would've never imagined possible, it has helped me so much in my ultimate goal towards sounding like an american native speaker. Thanks to you I fall deeply in love with your language everyday. Thank you

  • Dunn Liu

    I want to learn English through Rachel `s English. I find that some videos have Chinese subtitles, and some videos have no Chinese subtitles. Is the video with Chinese subtitles added by the author or by a kind audience? I am writing in English through translation software. If the video has Chinese subtitles, how nice.

  • Rawan Areed

    It was very hard to me to say vulnerable and actually i had to use it on daily basis as it's a part of my project name!
    Thanks to you Rachel i now can say it fluently and without thinking about it 😁

  • Wedding Stylle

    You’re amazing teacher…Now i’m trying to learn English but sometimes I’m disappointed …your words back me to try more and more..thanks alot..May god bless u ❤️

  • Nickolas Bardin

    Very helpful videos.
    I'm Russian and the biggest leap happened after I figured that I should open mouth more (we don't move mouth a lot and sound is lost inside), exhale during speaking (we don't use air when speaking) and control areas where sound resonates (usually it's always far in the back of the throat rather than in the mouth).

  • daniel mukese

    Hi! the most renowned Teacher, I'm your new follower and my big dream is to become your student… so, what I'm gonna do now for taking my subscription?
    Impatiently I'm waiting your help.
    May God bless you, thanks for all

  • Sergio

    I think it is all even more simple. Studying pronunciation is actually a training, creating a conditioned reflex and it works just like in any other sorts of activity – whether you train your typing, piano, tennis, climber or driving skills. Mechanics here is the same as in training dogs to obey commands.

  • Yellen Yan

    This is it!
    I also learn this gnosis from GOSPEL OF THOMAS.
    [Jesus said, "The person old in days won't hesitate to ask a little child seven days old about the place of life, "]
    While I practice basics daily.hundreds,thoudands and more times.things become easier and easier. what makes impossible possible is all about believe,true believe which has no doubt.just repetition as Rachel said.
    I quote more one here from bible.
    [Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. For by it the elders obtained a good report. Through faith we.]
    Hebrews 11:1-2 KJV]

    Thank you,Rachel.EXCELLENT WORK!

  • Sergey Leshchinskii

    I can share only the one thing: the pronunciation practice does really help to understand fast speech by listening. I can't stand missing half of a told, so I gotta struggle with pronunciation of mine, too. That's the one I've been doing here & keep up further. Thanks a lot for your efforts which really worth the spent power.

  • Hemen Nebiyu

    I'm trying to speak like a native speaker but i can't …my pronunciation is so bad and i don't know many words …i don't know how to combine them together …Rachel you're right nothing will change over night but ….i don't hnow what to do with my english….plz help me … I am so worried

  • test1

    Stop t is difficult , I feel like Americans say that just by stopping the air flow and not really putting the tongue at the t position. Is it true?

  • Hân Nguyễn

    i can relate!! Note the words that you can't pronounce or pronounce wrongly then practice them everyday, you'll see the improvement!
    Love Rachel <3

  • The Straight Path

    Hello Rachel in the beginning of the video you mentioned that you're not an English teacher you're an accent trainer. Do you mind pointing out the fundamental differences between an English teacher and an accent trainer?

  • Ruth Cancel

    oh my!!! you're absolutely right…!! This is what I´m doing: I hear your video on, for example, English pronunciation (100 most common words). Then, I repeat the reduce word. But then I realized that something is missing. Then I did this: I started to hear the video, then I recorded myself: first I hear your voice and then I repeated exactly each word and sentence you were saying (you first, then me). Then I heard my recorded voice: oh….what a frustration when I heard it the first, second, third time…but I continue trying to find out what was wrong. Your explanations helped me a lot. Then I found the importance of reductions (your videos and explanations helped me, oh yeah!), then rhythm, breath, smooth English sound, and so on…seeing and hearing your videos. Then I continue to record myself repeating or trying to do it as you do…at first I wasn´t able to do it after the third or fourth word but now I can make it to the end (of the video together with you), I mean I hear you and then as you speak I now can repeat it until the end of the video… Then I heard my voice (at first very terrible!!! but now I don´t see it so terrible but still hard for me to go at your path). Finally, I started to be aware of some sounds I missed at the beginning of the videos and tried to repeat and repeat and hurrah!!! I understood, not just repeat but I realized that I was able to hear, repeat and understand at the same time…I feel I´m in step 2 (or maybe between 1 and 2). Thanks. You are a greatest! I feel I´m lucky to find you!

  • Miguel Saenz Peña

    Omg I am in phase 2. I got really frustrated trying to do 2 things at the same time (right words to use and the right pronunciation). Thanks a lot 👍👍👍

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