Learning Colors at the Park
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Learning Colors at the Park

(chiming) – [Narrator] Miss Padoodle’s Playhouse! – Wow, I love exploring new parks. Do you wanna come check it out with me? Awesome, let’s go. Wow, it’s like a rock wall. I’m gonna climb up it. So fun! Wow, it’s like a fireman’s pole. Woo! Woo! Oh, I’m kinda dizzy. Whoa, look at this cool pirate ship. We can pretend to be pirates. (rattling) Ahoy mateys. Come look at this. (chiming) I can play music. Beautiful. Ooh, let’s go up the rope ladder. Whoa. I’m gonna go down the slide. I love slides. Woo! Oh, wow, that was fun. (sniffing) Ooh, I think I smell something delicious. It kinda smells like cookies. Should we go investigate? I think so. Let’s go. Ooh. I think I’m getting closer. Oh. Oh, I think I found it. Look at this yellow bag. I wonder what’s inside? Let’s take a look. Huh. We have a white bowl. Hm. Ooh, sprinkles. Look at all the different colors. Huh. Food coloring? Wonder what that could be used for? A spoon? It’s a pink spoon. Ooh, vanilla frosting. Yummy. A pack of M&M’s. Oh, and this is where the
yummy smell’s been coming from. Cookie! Oh, that smells delicious. Hey, why don’t we use the frosting, and the sprinkles, and the M&M’s, and the food coloring
to decorate our cookie. Let’s start with the frosting. Oh! And we have this food coloring. I wonder if we can change
the color of the frosting. Let’s open it up. (upbeat music) Ooh, it’s white frosting. But I think we can change the color of it. Let’s see what color it came with. Blue, one of my favorite colors. Should we change the frosting from white to blue? Yeah, let’s do it. I’m gonna put a little
bit of this frosting in our white bowl, and then
mix up the color in there. Ooh, this smells so good. (upbeat music) Now let’s add the blue food coloring. Just a few drops is all I need. One, two, three, four.
(dripping) Perfect. Time to mix it up. Ooh. Oh, this looks so pretty. What a pretty blue. This is gonna be perfect for my cookie. Time to frost the cookie. Mm, smells delicious. Ooh. I love the color blue. Do you know any other things
that are the color blue? Blue swing. Blue bucket. Blue sky. Blue bubbles. (laughing) Wow, so many fun things are blue. Hey, so let’s start decorating our cookie. We have sprinkles and
M&M’s to decorate with. Maybe we should start with the sprinkles. We have so many different
colors to choose from. Let’s see. We have yellow. Orange. Red. Purple. Blue. And green. I think I’m gonna choose two colors. Hm. How about purple be the first one. Do you know what other
things are the color purple? Hm. Purple flowers. Purple wheel. Purple crayon. Purple bag. Wow, there are so many pretty
things that are purple. I’m gonna start sprinkling now. Let’s open it up. Let’s dump it on our cookie now. (upbeat music) It’s looking good. Now how about we do it yellow. Let’s open it up. And start sprinkling. Oh, this is looking so
pretty and so colorful. But, we still have one
more topping we can put on. The M&M’s. Let’s open them up and see
what colors we have in here. Ooh, look at all these colors. So many to choose from. We have blue. Red. Brown. Orange. Green. And yellow. Since we already have blue frosting, and purple and yellow sprinkles, how about we do red M&M’s, and green M&M’s. Hm, do you know anything
else that is the color green? Green grass. A green lime. Green leaves. Green chair. Right, so many things are green. Okay, let’s get back to our cookie and finish decorating with
our red and green M&M’s. (upbeat music) Wow, look how delicious
and colorful this looks. We have blue, yellow,
purple, red, and green. I bet it tastes really good too. Mm. So delicious. Well, thank you so much
for joining me today on Miss Padoodle’s Playhouse. And learning about all different colors. I’ll see ya next time. Bye. Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm.
(upbeat music)

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