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Whoa! Welcome, to another episode of TwoSet Violin! Today, we are doing… …the “1 minute, 10 minutes, and 1 hour” challenge. You might have seen this challenge done by some uh… …artists, on YouTube, to see like, what the difference in quality would be. So we decided to see if we could do the same concept, but on music. Ooh! Because we wanted it to be an actual piece of music, where you can hear the improvement, we thought it was better done on a solo piece, which means one of us… – *nervous chuckle*
– …will be doing the challenge today, where the other person will probably be… Relaxing… …and watching a torture! So we picked a piece that we both haven’t played, Tambourin…Chinois. Pretty sure it’s “quinoa”. – Tambourin…
– It’s healthy. Quinoa. Tambourin. Okay, scissors, paper, rock. Loser has to do it. (both) Scissors, paper, rock! (both) Ohhhhh!!!!!! Alright! 1 minute. You ready? I’m gonna enjoy you suffer. Go! *chuckles* Oh! What the hell… *shriek* Oh! One! – *shriek*
– Ohh! Alright! Time up! Okay, you’re gonna play the whole… ..at least the whole first page. Oh. *snickering* Hey, not bad. So bad. *groans* So hard! Yeah, at least you got the top G sharp! *chuckles* Slide up! Alright, next one! – *groans*
– 10 minutes, I’m gonna go out… 3, 2, 1, bup-bah! Good luck! *tsk* Yeah. Yeah! Yeah!!! Why is it an A?! Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa! False start! – *chuckles* Pause, pause.
– You’re right, that…no one has… That’s a crap edition. Let’s find a recording. Turns out we were wrong. *chuckles* Yeah, maybe. Okay, okay, let me restart the timer. Dude, I have 5 minutes, I haven’t gone frickin’…2 lines. Dude, it’s so high! *groans* Alright, see if it’s improved. Probably not! Ohh! Agh! Oh. Oh, it’s definitely better. When you think of Kriesler, you don’t think hard. I mean, I guess compared to Paganini it’s not hard but, to learn it in 10 minutes is still pretty hard. – Yeah, it’s pretty hard.
– Yeah. – But, Paganini wouldn’t happen in 10 minutes.
– Yeah. Last one! 1 hour! – Yay!!!
– Actually, technically, it should be 49 minutes. Yeah, okay. – ‘Cause we’ve already done 11 [minutes].
– Oh, yeah. If we do another hour now, – that means it’s an hour and 10.
– That’s true. I didn’t do the maths before, so that one before is actually 11 minutes. 49 minutes. – Only 49.
– Yeah. No more. Woo!!! Distraction time! 56 secs! *laughs* That was the longest second! – Alright, here we go, guys!
– Alright! 1 hour total of practice. 1 shot. *nervous chuckle* Yo! That was good! Woo!!! I’m too tired. I enjoyed that. That was a very fun video to film… – Yeah, yeah, yeah, Eddy had a great time.
– …for me. He was trying to study while I was practicing. – *chuckles*
– It’s actually really hard to um, study when… I can see you were trying to read, but you weren’t absorbing the information. Yeah, dude I had to like, keep re-reading, ’cause I’m like, the vi— I’m just listening to the violin. But it doesn’t help when it’s… Yeah. Now, what do you guys think? The difference practice makes! That was just 1 hour, imagine you had 10 hours. Whoa, imagine you have 40 hours! Ohhhh!!!!! The things you could do! Alright guys, if you liked this video, watch it— Uh… Practice like this. – Actually, don’t practice like this.
– *scoffs* It’s pretty bad. Please like and subscribe! Hit the bell button! Mmm! I need to practice. That’s right!


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