Kids Colors Learning PJ MASKS Toys Headquarters Learning Playset

Romeo’s coming hurry up close the door. Yes, we got you now Romeo! Aim ready go Watch out Owlette Romeo’s behind you It’s Catboy to the rescue. Hey Dino pals. This is Toy Rex here Let’s see what toy surprise we have today Romeo kid genius Luna girl and night ninja have all teamed up. We have now the super night villain team. Yeah We’re now Unstoppable the PJ Masks can’t get us now and I have the perfect plan. What’s your plan Romeo? We’re gonna go to the PJ masks headquarters and take it over Wow, that sounds like cool. It’s gonna be our special night villain base. You guys ready? I sure AM. Okay. Let’s go to the PJ masks boys headquarters Here’s the PJ masks headquarters playset it looks so awesome. And here’s Gekko. He’s shooting a fur ball Look, they have Romeo trapped and here’s cat boy On the swing that’s so cool. Okay, just man let’s open up the PJ Masks headquarters and build it Here’s the PJ Masks headquarters out of the box. Its so big. Let build it dino friends. Wow, this is the slide it’s really long and it goes right over here. Let’s put it on So great And this is the waterfall piece for the front of the headquarters. It goes right here Great that looks awesome and there’s more parts Here’s Cowboys red fur ball shooter and here’s his blue football. You get the football right in the suit And Cowboys football shooter goes on the top right here. Let’s put it on down to France. That looks so great And then we have Catboy’s fur ball swinger. It goes on the top over here This is where catboy can do an exercise now That can use the elevator to go to top let’s try it out Whoa so fast and we just need one more thing down Friends That’s the PJ masks headquarters command center. It goes right in the middle right here Great now we’re all done At the top of the headquarters is a Maya’s room a Maya’s favorite color is red And she’s on the top because I’m layer can fly There’s these brown trees With red stars and here’s our windows from where to look out for any coming like villains. Let’s see Well, there’s Luna girl with her little moths. Well, you better get ready And here’s cat boy’s room it’s all blue and look there’s an exercise ball cat boy wants to do some exercises and This is where he can do his exercise to get really big and strong And here’s a slide for Gekko to go to his room Wow, that was so fun now, let’s check out my room Gekko’s room is green because his favorite color is green and look there’s the Gekko sign. So cool It’s ready think of the waterfall cuz gecko loves to play in the water There’s also these cool brown trees with green stars. Just like Gekko We have the PJ masks transforming Center green for Gekko blue for cat boy and red for outlet So awesome in this room is the PJ masks headquarters control center. You can see there’s a cool map You can see the PJ masks And even Romeo showing you the camera view and the rest of the town and here’s the button let’s see what happens Cool let’s press it again That’s all that Must be new PJ Masks sound hurray That’s cat boy Huh And when there’s no night villians the PJ Masks can transfer back into the normal kids It’s a Maya Greg and Connor You can’t hear that somebody’s coming to the PJ masks headquarters. Oh, no, it’s Romeo He’s right behind Connor Connor. It’s time to transform into cat boy Boy Maya time to become the PJ masks superhero Here’s owlette Trying to get Greg behind you Greg hurry up and transform into a PJ masks Here’s Gekko. He’s, super strong Did you see them I sure did shades then big villains are gonna try and get the PJ masks. That’s no good What are you gonna do? Don’t worry chase you’re gonna go and warn the PJ masks and then the superheroes will be ready That’s a great idea. I’m gonna go right now. Chase is on the case PJ masks PJ masks. Hi chase. What’s wrong? Why are you in a hurry? Me and the paw patrol all saw the Night villains. They are making a plan the night villains. What are they up to? They’re gonna go to the PJ masks boys headquarters and take it over Wow. That’s no good PJ masks We have to go back to our headquarters right away Thanks for telling us chase. Do you guys kneed help? don’t worry about us chase where the PJ masks your superheros. I’ll take care of the night villains. Thanks for telling us. See you later chase, okay Let’s go PJ Masks off to the PJ masks headquarters. Okay night villain team. We’re at the PJ masks toys headquarters. Yes Now we have to take it over and beat the PJ masks and make this headquarters Villain headquarters, let’s go team The Night Villains are here PJ masks, we have to stop them. No problem Catboy. I’m all ready Okay, PJ Masks super heros. Let’s catch those night villains Just trying to get to the command center. I’m gonna stop him with my fur ball cat cannon aim, ready go Yes, I’ve got night ninja now there’s only two more no villains I’ll let hurry up and get ready don’t a girl is coming. Oh It’s all ready now, we just have to wait for Luna girl Where’s this PJ masks Here I am Wow good job Owlette you got Luna girl Gekko your turn to get Romeo I’m the only night villain that but that’s okay. I’ll take care of all the PJ masks myself. Where are you PJ masks? Here I am I’m gonna get you Gekko Good job Gekko you trapped Romeo. We got all the night villains. Yeah This is so awesome Dino paws The super learning headquarters allows us to drive the super cat car The owl glider and even gecko ‘mobile and we can change the cars to drive and play games Let’s open up the PJ Masks Super learning headquarters. Here we go difference Huh Well show awesome super different fun, here’s the cat car Let’s go to the fair Romeo has stolen the fairground flier train chase Romeo and collect branches to stop the tracker wheeler. Let’s get real now We can move the car Hi 9 Let’s count together Dino friends there’s one to perfect so we have to push the windshield There’s more this time, let’s consider one two, three, four five, there’s five branches We have to move this to never fly move the car Let’s count again, here’s one two three and four that’s four branches we will push the windshield. Understand she’s revealing collect branches to stop the tracker Walker. Let’s get him It’s really fastest time Let’s go to the headquarters We’re gonna change the car Wow, which animal do these footprints belong to Excellent, which animal do these footprints belong to Which animal do these footprints belong to Which animal do these footprints belong to Thanks for watching dino pals, you guys are awesome For more awesome surprises with me click here and give me a big high-five to subscribe and join the dino club

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