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Kia Māia te Whai Dare to Explore | Auckland Council

To me, Dare to Explore is super important
for our children because it gives them something to do over
the holidays that’s really good. It puts them in our libraries, it puts them
in our schools and it is doing something really good for
them and for their families. I thought it was really fun because we got
to do lots of different things. My favourite activity last year was
drawing my family. I brought my mum and dad, and
my little sister and my brother to the Dare to Explore in the school library. Reading is the foundation of everything that we do
so, to give our children this advantage by encouraging them to read in a fun, lively,
adventurous way over the summer is really important for our community.
All of the children who participated in Dare to Explore with us
maintained their reading levels over the summer. We were really lucky to find out that a lot
of our children had actually improved on their reading levels
over the summer which is a really amazing thing for us to have
achieved for our community and our school. During Dare to Explore, I read about
12 maybe 15 books. Last year, during Dare to Explore,
I think I read 20 books. I really enjoyed Dare to Explore,
so I recommend that you do it this year. Dare to Explore!

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