Jon Linderman: Transforming Teaching with IACT
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Jon Linderman: Transforming Teaching with IACT

(whooshing air) (finger snaps) (increasing tone) (whooshing air) – So, my name is John Linderman.
I’m an associate professor of health and sport science. I’ve been at the University
of Dayton since 2000. What drew me to IACT, really my journey as a student and as a faculty member. Really wasn’t driven by the content or the love of the content. It was really the opportunities that I’d gotten along the way to develop a really
creative way of thinking. To be able to challenge accepted norms. To seek out new ideas. Sometimes what I see in graduate programs is that it’s a continuation
of the model of let’s just accrue knowledge. Let’s pass the standardized exam. And it worries me. Where are we gonna find the creativity to move things forward? It’s really about the process of learning. And those moments in
being a college professor for, now 26 years, that
are kind of golden, are the moments that
you touch the student, kinda of the way I was touched. You find that switch where you no longer need to teach them. You’ve just helped them
to wanna teach themselves. So, I act as an opportunity
to connect with people in real and meaningful ways. Which are kind of like those
small watershed moments over the last 26 years with students. And the moments that I had
when I was a student where, I guess now, I come to learn
that they were “A-ha” moments. (upbeat music)

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