It’s A Major Thing – Health and Physical Education
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It’s A Major Thing – Health and Physical Education

Hey everybody, I’m Mikey Dantrassy and I’m
a Health and Physical Education Major here at West Liberty University and today I’m going
to show you a little bit what it’s like to be in the program. So now we’re going to head to my assessment
in PE class with professor Kathleen Wack. Today what we’re going to do is the TGMD. What does the TGMD stand for? Test of Gross Motor Development. So this is one of the… The Health and Phys Ed program it’s really
interactive. All of your teachers know you on basically
a one to one basis so when it comes down to testing, when it comes down to just knowledge,
you really have a core base there as opposed to if you had a bigger class. Now we’re going to head upstairs to the gym
and administer a TGMD test. So pick which one you’re going to be in charge
of administering and read over it quickly and then you’re going to be the one who tells
Caroline what she needs to do. Mikey, you go first. What do you want to do? Striking a stationary ball. I knew I always wanted to be a teacher, I
just didn’t know exactly what subject but as I went on I knew I wanted to be a Health
and PE teacher because I think it’s important to teach the younger generation nutrition
and the ways to be active and healthy. You get the experience with real K through
12 students not only on campus here but also going out into the classroom and getting that
experience in a real classroom setting. Now we’re heading to my Mental Health Drug
Use and Abuse class with professor Wack. Alright, let’s get started! So last class we were talking about tobacco
of course and e-cigarettes right and we added on some group norms, some statistics, we talked
about first generation, second generation, third generation, and now we’re thinking of
the fourth generation kind of what’s next and what you might have to be manage in terms
of prevention when you are finished with graduation. We’re being taught to differentiate instruction
between people from all backgrounds from students with different socioeconomic backgrounds to
students that may have disabilities to be able to teach all students in an equal manner Now we’re going to head to my Adaptive PE class We are going to finish where we left off. You should be able to define and identify
and list all of those steps in the special education process right? In the Health and PE field, more people are
hands on learners so taking those hands on activities and putting them in the classroom
it really helps you understand the knowledge in a deeper way and not only does it help
you learn the knowledge but it gives you ways in the future to teach the knowledge to the
kids in a Phys Ed or a Health classroom to really get them interacting and get them engaged
in the material. Now we’ve got to match some Acronyms. So what you’re going to to do is you’re going
to get out all of the acronyms and we have the definition on one card and what it stands
for on another card. Take a few minutes and self assess. How many of these do you know? I chose West Liberty because it’s close to
home and affordable and I had a few colleges I was looking at but as soon as I came on
campus for my visit, the people here just made it feel like home and I knew in the next
four years I’d be able to establish where I wanted to be in the future and West Liberty
had all the assets to be able to help me go where I wanted to go. Tonight w’ere going to check out Topper Idol
in the Union. Events put on by housing and residence life
such as West Lib Idol allow students to get out of their dorms and interact with each
other. You always have that opportunity to come out
and get involved with each other and make friends. You never have to worry about not knowing
anybody so you can come out to these events and you meet many new people and you’ll meet
many new friends that you wouldn’t normally have met anywhere else. Hopefully that gave you a look at what it’s
like to be in the Health and PE Major here at West Liberty. For more information on the program please
visit our website.

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