Indiana University: Improving nursing education through virtual reality

[ Music ]>>We’ve been wanting to do
virtual reality here at IUPUC for a lot of reasons but
flexibility being one of them. So the equipment is SimX AR. So it is a company
out of California that does virtual
reality programming for health professions.>>It’s very accurate
because I work in a hospital. And like when we have C. diff
patients, like the isolation, you have to practice putting
on the gown, the gloves, washing the hands properly.>>Did my test results
come back? I’m having all this diarrhea.>>Well you actually have a
condition that’s called C. diff. So it actually makes you have
diarrhea there for a while.>>I like the aspect that you’re
communicating with the patient and the family members because
that’s– that’s real life.>>So what medications were
you on during the pregnancy?>>I used pills about
a week ago.>? What pills were they? Do you know the exact
name of the medication?>>I’d rather not say.>>Oh, okay.>>I take pain medication.>>Unfortunately we do
see commonly and a lot across the country we do,
but we do see it a lot of it here in our region. So that is babies
born to a mother that took various
types of drugs. It might have some
withdrawal symptoms. The purpose of that scenario
is not so much on the baby, but more around the mother and
how they talk with the mother.>>I feel terrible.>>I’m sorry you feel that way. The only part we’re concerned about is her fussiness
and stuff. So we’re just going
to have to monitor her through the withdrawal stages and make sure everything
stays on track. But as far as we’re concerned
she looks like a healthy baby.>>Well actual clinical
exposure, live clinical
exposure is fantastic. We can’t create a situation. So that is the big value
is the flexibility. UITS really got this
off the ground for us. So Bill Fields, our
executive director, was lead, kind of startup communication
with us, with this company. And they’ve been really
instrumental helping us have the equipment that we need. [ Music ]

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