How Did I start Learning Languages?
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How Did I start Learning Languages?

Greetings, greetings, Youtube! Welcome to the Laoshu505000 channel. Thanks a lot for your support. I want to welcome all of the new subscribers there’s a looot of new people here, so I want to share some things with you guys. For those of you who are new and you’re just now getting settled in here so… Uh..for this VLOG particularly, I’m going to talk about my experience, like how I started learning languages and what not so.. basically…if you don’t know already….. I started learning languages when I was 18 K, I was still living in Akron, Ohio that’s where I grew up at. That’s my hometown basically, I started…it was back in 99, sometime after I graduated I just wanted to do something new…try something different. Do something different from what everybody else was doing You know, I thought it would be cool, so I went ahead and tried learning Chinese and I didn’t really plan to do it for a long time I thought I was just going to play around with it to see how it is and stop doing it when I started doing it, when I really started getting into it and started listening to the resources that I was using and I started meeting actual people, like Chinese people, particularly on campuses and going to Chinese restaurants as well that right there is what really made me continue with learning the language the interaction with the people so…I started taking it more and more serious, learning more….. I didn’t have a plan I never really learned a language seriously at that time of course, I learned some languages in school, like French, Spanish..those type of languages. We all do. it was just something that I had to do at that time Starting Chinese was my first serious experience learning a language I didn’t have a method or plan or anything… I basically just got a dictionary I went and got like… a couple of formal textbooks with some dialogues in it and I was just learning phrases and listening to dialogues. That was pretty much it and then I would just go and use it on people out in the streets so..I would go to campuses, restaurants.. and at that time, I wasn’t really solo. I was with my buddy Jamal. You guys have seen him in a lot of these videos I put up He um…we spent a lot of time together doing this and, we went EVERYWHERE… we were going to restaurants..we were going to college campuses. I remember going to Kent State Many times..because Kent state was particularly for Japanese. He was more into Japanese, I was more into Chinese and e would go up there mainly to just practice Japanese and of course Chinese if we came across some Chinese people so we went up there very often. We would spend HOURS doing that and it was just addicting because of the reactions. How people would react to it every time. even when there was just like a few phrases known, they were still getting surprised, and that’s what kept me going was a combination of that and meeting the people, being invited to different parties and stuff I remember being invited by this one girl. I think she was a graduate student at the time it was a normal situation. I saw her, walked up to her. She was working in the Polymer Engineering building You know, regular stuff. Asking her what time it is…what time this place closes..stuff like that and then I just started using the Chinese that I learned. I didn’t really know a lot at that time I just used what I knew and then she was real surprised. She was like ”Oh, that’s awesome. You are learning Chinese?” and..she had invited me to her place because she said that she was going to be cooking and that there going to be a lot of Chinese people there so she like..gave me her email address and her phone number No, look..she gave me her email address, her phone number and address. She gave me everything at first, I’m thinking like, man..this is kind of weird. I don’t really know this girl I said OK, whatever, I might go, I might go I basically sent her an email first to see if she was still doing that party she said, yea come on over, so I went over there and there were a lot of Chinese people there. No English was spoken and they were in there watching I can’t remember the name of it.. I can’t remember the name if the Chinese movie. It was an old Chinese movie they were watching and I was in there just chillin there was a Chinese guy there and I was talking to him everybody was speaking Chinese. I couldn’t really understand anything I was just basically using that experience to be immersed and ask a lot of questions. I was confused on a lot of things but when I started interacting with those people like that, it really pulled me in. It gave e the motivation to carry on learning the language like I said, when I first started doing it, I didn’t have any intentions on doing it for long time. I even had people discouraging me, they were telling me..”Oh..” I had people in my own family telling me and asking me…why would you learn their language when they don’t like black people. This is what they were saying to me I was like…”OK, whatever” I could’ve listened to it and said ”You know what, you’re right” but I chose to ignore that and I just continued on with what I wanted to do and I’m glad I did because that decision has brought me a looooong way in life I’ve come a long way based off of that decision to learn Chinese because, by that happening, learning Chinese opened up other doors how did it open up other doors? Look, Chinese was the only language that I wanted to learn when we were going around leveling up there were be times where… we would meet Korean people and Vietnamese people. I’m trying to practice Chinese with them not knowing that they’re not Chinese I would ask them where they’re from then they would respond ” I’m from Vietnam, I’m from Korea” some people were saying..”Oh, I’m from Japan” I was like…man I need to learn some other languages, at least some phrases or whatever, and that’s how it all started I started learning phrases like hello and goodbye, just some basic stuff in many different languages then…I was able to at least say something to them I was able to say something to those native speakers whenever I came across them so… that’s how it all started just off of one decision to keep going with the Chinese there’s no telling.. maybe I would still be learning languages. Maybe I would be where I am now….but them decisions are very very…crucial and following your heart and not really listening to anybody. But that’s how I started that’s how my whole language journey started. and I’m still doing it. I’m 38 now…and I started at 18, so I’ve been at it for a long time and I’m still learning. I’m still adding to my experience….I’m still adding know, my knowledge and everything Yea, that’s my story and that’s how I got started with the Chinese You know, Chinese is um…… a lot of people say it’s the most difficult language in the world It actually isn’t.. I like to look at languages in aspects I look at it from the writing aspect…spoken…pronunciation..all of thatr. I take all of that into account rather than write it off and just say that it’s the most difficult language to me, Chinese is the most difficult as far as writing that’s hands down the best language…..oh not best that’s hands down the most difficult language when it comes to writing but other stuff like grammar…isn’t bad..they got tones… but tones….it can be intimidating, but that’s just something that will take time through just listening….practice enunciating the words.. practice saying these words out, practice with native speakers and make these mistakes the writing is definitely hard, but it’s not the most difficult language in the world it’s one of the most difficult languages in he world so…that’s what I have to say about that Yea, that’s it. I don’t want to make this video too long. We’re going into ten minutes every week I will be making a VLOG like this, particularly on Tuesdays and I want to add some subtitles to these videos. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to finish subtitles today. it’s probably going to be in another day or two before subtitles show up in this video Thanks for viewing. If you guys have any questions let me know. Otherwise, I’ll see you in the next video. peace out! 老鼠=^_^=


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