HCA Healthcare Nursing: Clinical Education
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HCA Healthcare Nursing: Clinical Education

HCA Healthcare is dedicated
to ensuring that our employees become lifelong learners. The Center for Clinical Education
is really an investment in the development of our employees. We have five classrooms,
and we have five simulation and debrief rooms, where we are able
to do some really cutting edge education modalities with our learners. Our rooms are very realistic here. They allow us to simulate what things are
like in real life and for the nurses and the other clinicians to come in and really
practice in a setting that is what they’ll encounter when they’re
at their regular job. We have mannequins that
we’re able to utilize to train them. And we also have connected classroom
where we can actually teach classes here and then have our employees
attend at other facilities. When we do our work here, we look at
building the nurse’s competence. We want to make sure that they
are effective at doing their job, and that they know that when they go that
bedside that they’ve got the right skills to do what they need to do
to be excellent providers today. But then also position them to grow and
develop over the course of their career.

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