• R Young

    Need more teachers like that because these so called parents let these disrespectful ass children do wrong shit and some people just ain’t or not playing with ignorance .πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

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    Good thing the sub is black and student is white and not the other way around, else there would be riots

  • Wyldefyre Willlow

    Is that teacher really a woman or is it a man pretending to be a woman by law? Will he/she/it go to women's jail so she can beat people up or men's jail so she can get what she deserves?

  • loempia741

    Wake up whites, fuck the left, fuck the black community, nobody stands up for us except us. Fight back and unite, don't let the media brainwash you before it's too late. FBI CRIME STATISTICS

  • fryelee11

    Little Becky should have kept her hands to herself. You swing on someone, expect a fight. Was the teacher wrong? Yes! It was excessive. That kid should be expelled from school. I notice you crying mf didn't say anything about that kids behavior.

  • Kenneth Blocher

    The whole situation is wrong, but aside from that.
    Ya'll talking about if the races were switched there would be riots, calling the teacher a beast. You're being racist. You don't see it, but the rest of us can see what flag you rally behind. Yeah she f'd up, but to dehumanize her, call for the death penalty, really?
    This, these comments and attitudes, this is the mindless BS that's tearing this nation apart. This division of The People is what's hurting our country the most. All of you with the "us vs them" mentality towards your fellow countrymen and women, did you know that communist China is surpassing us on so many metrics. You know why? They may be enslaved to their government and corporations but they are united.
    We seem to only be United in name anymore. So many so-called leaders calling for division of The People, why? To conquer us! To turn us from a nation of self-governed free people to a nation ruled over by hypocrites and soulless money-hoarding crooks.
    But whatever, like the guy from Rosetta Stoned said, "…a message of hope for those that chose to hear it and a warning for those that do not."

  • Cheer Rasta

    The tenth grader sucker punched the Teacher first.
    I don't feel bad for the kid. Look at it's face during the swing. It wanted a fight. It got whooped!

  • guess who

    It wasn't disturbing.
    What I seen was self defense, that kid hit the teacher first.
    I bet all those kids were acting like a bunch of disrespectful little fuckers, pushing that woman till she cracked.
    I will say that the sub teacher doesn't have the right temperament for that job. If she can't handle a bunch of disrespectful non disciplined little brats, she shouldn't be in a class with them.
    I think it's the head stomp that's going a bit too far (for a teacher/ student fight)
    If this happened anyplace else besides a classroom the kid would lose in court, as she swung first

  • Kevin Michaud

    Good job for the substitute she'll do jail time, and the taxpayers will give a nice kiss for that girl she'll never have to work in her life again.

  • Jason Meadows

    The student learned an important life lesson. Don't think that being a child gives you some magical protection from the consequences of your words and actions. Mommy and daddy won't always be there to protect you. So, say some nasty stuff to the wrong person, or start a fight with someone twice your size, you might just get the crap kicked out of you.

  • Andrew Ackerman

    You all are forgetting this is a child in a school. The 15-YEAR-OLD is supposed to be learning how to behave. If the ADULT in the room had taken the slap and called the resource officer for the student's assault, the KID would be the one lead out in handcuffs to face charges.

    Instead, the ADULT acted like an INSANE CHILD and will never teach again. Meanwhile, the student gets to walk away from all of it and will probably get $$$ because of it.

  • Nini Love

    No one's addressing the fact that the student was out of line for hitting the teacher….granted the teacher's behavior is excessive however no one can predict how a person's responds after being hit…..

  • Lin kuei Shogun

    Why is everyone playing race on here? I guess cause she was a black teacher, but if she was white she probably would've just had sex with the student instead.

  • Eric brett

    First the dad said the right phrase. Adult. This person cannot behave as an adult they need to be removed from teaching quickly. If that were my daughter that substitute would want to remain in jail for as long as possible.

  • Tl98o76

    Obama's children are very violent, they don't like it when you make direct eye contact or laugh at their constant subhuman behaviors.

  • Tl98o76

    Another daughter of Obama can't keep her temper in check and now sleeps in a cage like the violent creature she is. A fitting home for violent Obama Americans.

  • Thor the Viking

    I wonder if the Hispanic women in the prison she will be sent to will take care of business. Pretty Hispanic girl curb stomped by this violent creature. Probably severe neck and spine damage from that foot stomp. Hope they sue her in civil court as well.

  • TheZito666

    They dont pay enough to deal with these Tide Pod sniffing tards. Lady take it as a career path change. Minimum wage pre adult baby sitting aint for ya.

  • Joshua Bales

    HATE CRIME! but whites don’t get government protection; only everyone else does. Only whites get the full power of the government against them

  • Harun Haz

    "You have slapped me once, prepare to die"
    Gentle and law-abiding substitute teacher while defending herself from a dangerous whitesupremacist

  • Yoitle The Toitle

    teacher was choking the student when the student slapped her…the student was defending herself 1:03Β 

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