Find Mentors and Experiences to Develop Your Future in Education – Andrew Atwood ’18
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Find Mentors and Experiences to Develop Your Future in Education – Andrew Atwood ’18

My name is Andrew Atwood. I studied vocal
music education and I am an elementary school teacher. I teach music. We do a lot
of singing and dancing and creating… And exploration, generally with instruments
and voice and ensemble. I see my education at St. Olaf coming out in what I do now in many different ways. I think that there are many times in my
day where I’m like I’m so glad that I at least studied that a little bit even if
it wasn’t super in-depth but like having that expensive knowledge of a lot of
different things is really helpful especially when you’re dealing with
people who do speak different languages who are you know coming from different
religions and have different backgrounds, different cultures. So while I was at St. Olaf I was a member of Viking Chorus my first year. I did Chapel Choir
for three years. I also went to Hawaii with the Education Department which was an
incredible experience. Our Hawaii interim allows students to work in two schools
one of the schools is a public school in Honolulu and the other school is for
Native Hawaiian students and so the students get a chance to experience both
the public and a private school in Hawaii. So Andrew is outgoing and he’s
funny and he’s great with students… You know he’s an Ole, I mean he’s under-
interested in a lot of different things and it’s just an interesting person to
engage with and talk with and really dedicated to teaching and really
dedicated to being the best teacher he can be. I also swam for my first two years the reason why I chose st. Olaf is because I
was looking at swimming d3 and I was looking at being a music major and there
are other colleges who both the swim coach and the choir director were like,
“No, you’re not doing that!” and that was one of those moments where I was like
okay well then this is a school that I’m going to because they’re gonna allow me
to try these things. Something that always have in common I think, is being
involved. It’s cool to have a small community that allows you to like
constantly meet people as you branch out all the little skills that you get
through meeting people and just having those experiences are I think what makes
me successful today

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