Experiential Learning at Lakehead Public Schools
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Experiential Learning at Lakehead Public Schools

(intense music) – [Narrator] There are
lots of ways to learn and everyone is different. For some students reading from books and websites is easiest. For others, they need to
here what is being taught. Then there are other students
who need to learn by doing. At my school my teachers
combine all three. We have a lesson in class where we see and hear something new. And then we get the chance to practice it. Every time we try something
that takes us out of our typical classroom setting we reflect on what we have learned. And how it’s used in the real world. That’s experiential learning. We always participate
in classroom learning. So our teachers show us the basic concepts and teach us strategies
to use them successfully. Then we use what we have
learned in situations we might come across when we’re older. Maybe in other classes in high school. And maybe even in a career or workplace that we’re interested in. We get to try our skills
with our community partners who are experts at what they do. And who show us how important
what we learn in school is going to be when we
choose our future pathway. They work with us to help us understand what success can look like for us. And we make connections
with people outside of our classroom who want to
help us to do our very best. Sometimes we learn about math and science, and how engineers, foresters,
computer scientists, and healthcare workers use it everyday. Sometimes we learn about specific job opportunities around us. Like skilled trades and are
shown how we can prepare ourselves for the future. And always we learn about ourselves. Who we are and what we are capable of. Every time we reflect
on what we have done, we can measure our own learning. And we can see what we have accomplished. And we can help our teachers plan what we need to learn next. There are lots of ways to learn, and everyone is different. We learn best when we have
the chance to practice new skills in the real world. And then reflect on what we have done. That’s experiential learning.

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