EMU College of Education Graduate Jordan Dann Discusses Impact of Brehm Scholarship
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EMU College of Education Graduate Jordan Dann Discusses Impact of Brehm Scholarship

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi there. My name is Jordan Dann. I am a recent graduate of
Eastern Michigan University in the College of Education. I studied speech
language pathology. It’s a discipline where we look
at the physical and cognitive aspects of communication. The Brehm Scholarship is
an endowed scholarship from Dee and Bill Brehm to
study a research topic related to the field of
special education. The Brehm Scholarship
has affected me in a variety of ways. Firstly, it’s a very
generous scholarship that pays for a year of academics. And secondly, it helped me
develop a research mind. I feel much more comfortable
entering my field as an inquisitive,
thoughtful professional. And it’s also empowered me
to consider a terminal degree later on. I would like to share this
message to any future donors, as well as to Bill
and Dee themselves. We are very thankful for any
opportunity to fund academics. More importantly, we are very
thankful to have an opportunity to develop a craft
within our field. Research is difficult,
and it requires mentorship and a very intensive process. Having been a member
of that process, I now feel much more capable. To current and
future donors, I’d like to share this one thing. Your donation does more
than just afford academics. It creates
mentorship, community, and it empowers those that are
a part of those opportunities to pursue greater things. To students interested in
applying or learning more about the Brehm Scholarship,
you can check out more at
www.emich.edu/brehmscholarship. This is an opportunity
for those studying in the fields of
special education, and it’s both available
at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Good luck. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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