Ed Lapiz Sermon 2019 ➤ ''Thinkers Than Mere Money-Makers, People Who Focus Only On Making Money''

marami pump aqua billion but the Bible says thinkers are better than mere money makers Pinker's as companions are better than people who focus only on making money but making currency or making a name that Allah sends a thing cannot in Masaryk a vegan massara blue Muppet samaram in Paris and Milan and Paris a saccade the rich the famous that may be true but if we're going to have to choose between thinkers and people who only make money the Bible says in proverbs 16 16 how much better to get wisdom than gold to choose understanding rather than silver he get now Naama enum Sagunto a macaron non thorough Newman at he get Popeyes appeal up a new tag lie dunk Panguna wa Kona gotta get nothing any easy Mahalo game param Halligan don't know man pero con poppy Billy and I owe maroon on the kasama Osama para la semana para he began I hung in a cabaret and I'll heed him a healing mummy guy although marooned in Havana per annum healing mummy guy tomorrow no focus on my own Segura Doheny kapag a fajita an aluminum agin siren motmot Oh Papa Kazama Mucha at Kumaran is anguillan a lambda ma para the current big Lana brownout or black out wedding Hockley wanna go Lana sambira cocina muhammadun Oh Peter you move along piranha marunong Malacca and chances Pajaro known although it doesn't always follow there's a big opportunity Pinker's give inside they give us guidance and enlightened men therefore they are great treasures camara my uncle Ilana Maggie Maggie si ma who say Maggie see policy nominative up energy is if cultivate friendship and cultivate companionship si papa la atma poeple are tired own come wala Maha nap KO at KU marijuana aha when it comes to company the Y's are better than the foolish ones intellectual superiors are better as companions and ones intellectual juniors whom people agreed on Kazama Master Murong say no omus marunong ako Paraguay Gunawan Molina the Ponte is a massamba the service module ohms are 10 I am ramming motto to none KC gonna you'll be the icon a young teacher a Ghanaian and the top of the food chain Kazama mobile economy Palama so busan patent Kazama musalla say metallic on Kazama Nutella marunong die in the Dagda gun ecclesia 75 it is better to heat a wise man sir buek than to listen to the song of fools awesome holiday young I'm in Sao Opaka criticize but go to witness an Marvel known as a bug poo pourri and he's only being a man Cosmo booting mihari Nick Menza wine and wobbly know Ibiza biblia it's a mang mang uncool booty say oh so do you wish to preside over a company of fools or rather sit at the feet of a wise man or a wise woman misaeng Gustav was an Athenian feeling vida die oh hi kuzon opinion less Kazama not a gorilla by young a pop Allah who d'you mean a pinky to madaba to Simona people who are less than we are in terms of knowledge or intelligence or wisdom it must be art time to give to them it does Bri time to be kind and charitable but if that's the only thing you'll do in your life then you will never grow Paraiba Mohamed googling the Baba on who who syadaahally know Madoka da or amoeba maramatanga ganda Nakajima asawa Dylan a conical Assisi not hoarding to them Mohan Pusa phenomena fog and agenda Hoda buena familia ed Okada but Ali no mohini's mobile phone who marlene say is sung hoons in amharic there at was usury in can say focus on money by buying and he feels like a king okusama Kahneman commissioned I lugosi Reynosa Princesa the husband feels like a pauper or a beggar or a janitor here Matt Abilene no Munna Bhai selamat at a sample a guy and vinegar Alan and niganda you still are able to make her husband's feel like Kings say Eggman haha Oh impendence Augusto de la Kazama insulating me de Indian silane underdog in terms of course of the relationship between a husband and a wife you must feel each other like king and queen pero Tonka peanut in Hobart Ohana animus boosted on ebay so Mazama from Sansa landed meaning nice lamp intimacy cotillion a hobby de but the way was just know whenever poppin economy nahama getting done proverbs 27:17 as iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another Akuma billion and Kazama Mara body you own pocket opposition but busie Kuiper unit a low of a net bullion oh well animal Machado eleven Peter goes up on but women are optimally Nova Alamo hitting para unfeeling vomit opposition calls happen makka moo moo rolling easy mo mo Cong gloomy hip and mundo more boom about a human host Ohana Baku sob and wail on quaint I own barf a lollipop Italian Sarah Baba Hollis a villain Biblia @ec panda capitalist Sahab wah is even so Kayla and him villain young and cinema novice on Misawa Hong Tao and a poor Noonan hangin and chenko he didn't when you know golden popping epicgoose of lumbago mesa means a cockapoo long purify 11 pocket papatuanuku salsa women to millennia for mean the lamina home in the duck duck shocking but he gives a lot more body the Karuna phone on Callie when a gun I was enlightening Helena pinnacle Bangla wanna at Hindi lawanna Hunkin de gand anumana allah has mom a brilliant aim on a perilous marubi parappa gua Langley wanna die behind even Juanita her personally wanigan Du Monde only one action jangling codes of annyeonghi lead cubic islam boom again – ah canonical hattenbarger canna Lily when a gun a human male a Menominee pero unless the man only one again he DJ Mag nickname at Minnetonka delegate lu lu han li why not Kaka salamu ha nothing is avi not in a nothing alumni love them.i nothing undone about the mechanical lugar you Mohonasen attending up in my indian behind for no connections at ISA para maana hawala in a sampaguita to to hog neguin Quinta's on kabamaru no ok answer la moneda mama wanna Inaba Oh golly mahadeva indeed behind or a Suhani on scenery i'll alumina in indian boom ugh and damp and now heat alma mater and the blessings of Hawaii Department is mahogany on Kazama at casa hindi lang logging Misaka say voila naman erotica Sehun come pure ganeun al-amin purulent Kapoor piranha Tawan Tawan and Bogota sadena menacing saw a young pegasi company and conversation should lead to personal improvement into personal brightness nothing atop a boon attained empirica ba known foolish people so wise people because according to the Bible desperate beasts are better company than foolish men hula dance in a service of proverbs event in 12 better to meet a bear robbed of her cubs than a fool in his folly : Amanda young Baro also sardine cultura para maana also or bear to open the box it namaha european at Malala hey ok and my opinion but Phyllis Phyllis in apparent papel namah namah namah Lily Adina wala na a box igneous illumination kumoi yep a gig and I Aine Verona sabisu biblia Babu Topanga Raveena in hing also in Ogawa naina pays a house happiness among lilulu baba Hamelin must mapa hannahb down make Asama come on man yes a moccasin Ubu mu is an awesome valid novel it must my looking damage Sigma Gaga was a young man my solemn vow apparatus in Hebei total I'm gonna miss a Pilipinas a Cobra Babu tip and make a topic on Cobra no girl in the galley it's a make atomic among the power and power belong belong say you must map a Bahama paddle sobby sobby bleeeh because the company of foolish people is more dangerous more destructive and more lethal than an encounter with the raging Beast what are the dangers of being with foolish people problems 14 7 stay away from a foolish man for you will not find knowledge on his lips he was and alma be sama samang hot magma pocket Suhani Loyola and ma boo boo lot na Holloman the proverbs 13:20 he who walks with the wise throws wise but the companion of fools suffers harms Annika Kazama Sammy you know why I'm a gigging metalli no you need a salmon and man man I am a so so own Seagal Oh Korean Kazama hurry in and pin up against a Mahan in deepest in Azharuddin billion by yume wa sallam bumbu high at work milano kappa goose up so i think it o touring the Hmong Mong unzila Saba cutting Lily me in Watkins Oberon Mazama to the point and I influence kana sumac emerging charitable gamma King mo booty economics gauranga de lui Anantara Newman barrage ado Munem Rico Dovolani – duro indigo denote ruin he Godavari navara influenza in the ecological ed Kenya cipinang manga colonel and zaboo hi ah pakka aluminum cause of me haha oh man man buying afghan ibig sabihin hindi clogging the nene allah he need embalm una Buena Park and Obama some inaud at indica login elements amasing I own supported Bahama lebombo vanilla puns and ganya Deline pinup and Diana gana mana bar guy in social events where the table is a social map we should be more careful why is the table a social map but me and I'm bigger than your Baba's Alan Deaton abu-salha Catatumbo castle you may something acapella beats vanilla usually on table of honour in unpresidential table when Angela Menino not Nina in surrender bandage on human habitat I like the high vegan and familiar well Mason you none do some Elias Amitabh in empo Luna no goes a liquid numb post a don't fire unifier sign Harlem Noonan I did remember you canonical close o indica 1802 ring never close in other words that table is a social map in according to some ethical standards whoever you host you get a bit loose a fan and go you know Peter Hammett amongst a lot you know Benny begin unknown origin subtly hua hua Zhu Zhu note I am Papa la única Pelayo he makes me an indigo talaga you on Orion and operands of residential table call our young host so Alamo Posada Balu lugar because there are people who do not observe protocol and they promote themselves especially at dinner tables karana seen as a beta was a companionship it is better to be with the humble than the proud or it's better to be with the lowly than those who are celebrated it's better to be one with one's equals or juniors than to try to squeeze yourself to be among the seniors proverbs 25 6 to 7 do not exalt yourself in the King's presence and do not claim a place among great men it is better for him to say to you come up here than for him to humiliate you before a nobleman DOMA has the big leg was a presidential table Hindi economic been appointed or then and Olga gets a place of own or Hindi Kannamma in in beta become magma Tassajara Bihari me Ahana Ansari live awesome ahaha Polly Pocket mazuma booting zombie hints a young Halle keredo case Ahimaaz inca sahara nomura me sometimes people in the organization become impatient in the pasilla Pino promote uma asked Astana solana promoted in DC lalume alligator lugar number three or number four or number five selasa hierarchy eggs aspire Agatha bagging number two or number one in Dept panahon impatient over ambitious and social climbing juniors usually ruin themselves do not exalt yourself prematurely in fact ever because if you are good there is no way for you to go but up hot air will always rise and if you're really hot you will rise in the morale on young people opinion do not ruin yourself by positioning yourselves among the great among the nobles when you are not yet being invited by the situation to do so now Papa here too low you neva woman I believe in humanity problema en a Machado not by himself defacing me among our program Hollis I am booboo animal that was her up in LA in in place of oh no gap on Putin Anglican well on de hace Haram can de la santé noggin on Pera Sakal Eamon O'Meara motto dachshund promotin sorry Linea it's better to be humble and then be promoted than to be proud and then demoted hung banging on his ass miss warrants obviously Luke 14 7 to 11 when someone invites you the wedding feast do not take the place of honour for a person more distinguished than you may have been invited if so the HOS who invited both of you will come to you and say give this man your seat then humiliate that you will have the big the least important place but when you are invited take the lowest place so that when the host comes he will say to you friend move up to a better place then you will be honored in the presence of all your fellow guests for everyone who exalts him cell will be humbled and He Who humbles himself will be exalted so people are gonna battle against Aneesa really well on specifics an invitation Playsafe be with the humble because if the host really would like to honor you the host will seek you out and will insist that you be placed in a better position talking about company it is better to be with the oppressed instead of the oppressor proverb 1619 better to be lowly in spirit and among the oppressed than to share plunder with the proud he get down on my booty I'm at home ba ba Chi Tamihere up okay Sam okay hearty se llaman naina Padma toss pot mechanic ito a lotta you a second alarm a minute died oh honey no Baba kambei-sama Piazza in appearance I'm upon ye han also mahira Osama Hina unless it is very clear that those who are powerful are really the righteous ones also therefore we are of course to side with righteousness whether or not the righteous is weak or strong poor or rich but when that is not clear and very especially if it is clear that the oppressor is unrighteous or the powerful is unrighteous the people of God are taught by scripture to side with oppressed la along the PAP incipit anima abogado amma home who is people of power or influence mallanna pizza in yo the catalan castle isn't my ominous and mahira samba upon your Iran is an Mahina when the line is not clear you know the DA patent enum biblia the big a knot in the hit la langue pocketing in yahwah Mahina you mahira power is god-given it if a Haram lemon and power should glorify God very clearly God is on the side of the oppressed God is on the side of the weak and the victims of abuse unless the oppressed are doing or the victims of abuse are really very very unrighteous that's why they are being oppressed or that's why they are weakened or they have become victimized by their own folly then we know that we should take up their causes some 99 the Lord is a refuge for the oppressed a stronghold in times of trouble see Yahweh and boo Hanuman apena he he robbing but even a balloon on saw auras Nabu Lujan so do not insist on hobnobbing and rubbing elbows with oppressors though they may look glamorous refuse to walk in the counsel of the wicked though immediately sometimes they give satisfaction choose the better company dynami me like any new buffoonery in Makkah to Madinah Muhammad upon my booty honey Lanka say hey Susanna Reid Oh Haneen Okayama he kupo Alumbaugh wa Mirren is an guru pooja is an amazing and super Street super righteous super duper squeaky-clean religious leaders admitted it is an immense anumana sinners supple a genious and possesses a key CPC Jesus decided to throw his lot among these people to give them validation give them companionship teaching to give them guidance to give them strength here so skinny lala friend of sinners in fact his harshest words were against hypocritical and self-righteous religious system indeed Ireland about Nana I cusamano Napolitano mama a salon and kasama horn among a town la bas Kazama Hornet among people who fall in the Travis consensus mine Pina llena an odorous Alamo ha Tanaka sama Hindi Janaki sama China is a man Rosella Mohan Babu behind barrage emerging blessings among at a human knee on were they nothing Dominion the better company Babu deep anguillan Ellen Kazama guess I'm a balloon nun or oneself alone is better than a vexing wife or a vexing companion proverbs 20:1 9 better to live in a corner of the roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife it's an appalling Haga in Pomona boom-booms among Abbas Israel flap 20 condone a tulum 20 come up a unicorn thing boom grunting ding ding a tentative delay in an upper room indicated the mahaprabhu nityananda manipular donate boom Yamaha boo boo hoo hoo ljubka so you metaphor has to be understood on Ibiza B&B toe bootie by majimak Adele amok solo saboom okay Sammy cusamano Gullu Gullu basura bang – Mira Sabu boomerang bhai Castle opening behind acai acai one model doll doll Nozawa submissively I'm a booty Penang in umezawa a McDonald example I use in no hazama yoga be taboo taka-taka-taka-taka taka-taka-taka-taka avoid loud and aggressive persons they are vexations the spirit in other words life of peace alone is better than when the torment Salafi Alana main choice I mean you Amanda longing and isn't him Allah I say ang iyong Muslim Buddhist Carranza begin eaten by on the savanna PP Lee belong foxy similar palanca sama who you being above a cohesion of Ampang a big Medina garyun well long been a Gwen I'm forgiving I'm punky being hidden in a Baba Yaga bomb oh I'm funky big peanut and emotion anger is a symbol of Allah he didn't have a pang of Tonka Wakan along matrass Cana Paris to Metallica atanga pain Mumma bago Mateen De Danann Gabbana okay the reason Pasadena got more but what is really the main essence of this verse avoid people who've xu e mahogany America Santa he McNutt I him in the pond without blemish on its face and when you look up the pond it's like a mirror and you can see the sky and you can see yourself top was me monitor on a big loving young pondan la la vez la dama I like a bomb on a put it poor take me monitoring on anemic Nam is it Michelle go bobaloo boom-boom Anglo more Paganica oh so much I'm a CC rank and lobe I'm done boost among Panda now someone dope also questionable unquote no Panama Panama our Aloha mean somebody was in your monitamon you down well and ineligible Allah Mohammed bergamot Burmese and means and we wrote Allegan would be beginning a guru man debacle at my talk what the hell made on him at the ligand illallah ha in at cat Akutan variant on a twin purpose of Milan Shazam undo more below and Allah he wasn't a young Robert Gilliland ganyan Tim even got our white Silesia Romero macaroni Antigua fajita shopping at Moulin sha-la-la-la doing marinol Amin he'd one cousin Kucha serving ok you miss Alice again a Dogma natal Encinas Ibiza Laguna mahabali garlic na monatomic oolong tau e wasan patter company gentleman or gentle women rather than hot-tempered men or women proverbs 16:32 better a patient man and a warrior a man who controls his temper than one who takes a city arabasadi tuna reaction die algebra Hinayana and la luna haji muhammad rig ma in a hanuman nasa of Nellie McClung sol de la maharaja no pair Osibisa proverbs as Mayan Empire Mahina hone on um– kasama casing my post of Natal a booty by young gentle gets a warrior in a victorious he gave him a booty antigua Rai Sahab on your ear on a tank bug supersazza really is a boxer hope Samana by an so people who are self control our precious tune up up and sit in yanaka me mama sama they will have enough of the among our similar allegations of below Mary Jean custom suit okay no Boog Boog in my region goes on Sabu Newton Marion kou Zhong zu Gurren Lagann Alang sabe who may he was and young dong da he was a new Cosima the DeMeo masuo McMaster song by zocalo avoid people who have no self-control people who are easily angered into violence because they're going to self-destruct and they're going to destroy everyone else near them better companion your own peace-loving person aggressive were like and violent people attract trouble I'm a cassava in a Paulo I'm Andy didn't Aloma puso son finding your login as a being it namely being and I say haha nepata Hanabusa Angulo me encanta young Apuzzo dying my anything Angulo CP not a madam I am a shaman attend Aaron Ababa leta Pina Olin & the moon on Apollo is on Sasaki on one vehicle was sprayed with bullets and they couldn't understand the motivation of the one who did it and many people were thinking that it was probably a traffic problem Veronica any second 11 driver he gonna van driver on Yvonne Yvonne Oaxaca or Tina Paulo mucho in Indonesia Lala Salama heart militia company need monney tommy I'm sorry limo if aji Thomas avenging militia accompaniment opal on among a violent people yen a macabre Elka and I bacon a man in a man Ambala below me Matata Yamuna Positas Inca I mean opossum along done thing in hominem baba ki kasam asana enough I mean there else along lahardee who boss yes IIT comet are consumed also culo any easy but and make us am behind hello manga-drivers driver column baba may pass a hero ha oh me oh Moo ha there's anything Illuma peanut baba Gahee new looks of amino gotta be New Zealand Adama dial say oh allah ameen guru maha bargain he kept waiting behind it in it London would only make a samurai a committee woman Kazama I'm familia Mohammad a condom be glad in a Buda you Misawa more that will allow you mana enough da made in silicon Oh Sammy remain eternal Oh madam I am an enigma Mahal serenella in fact uh Papa Hama painted a patina ing Don Lollo Jung Mong make a salmon on Google a commission mo Gosselin sigue well on among may impress Don proverbs 20:4 one do not envy wicked men do not desire their company according to first Corinthians 15:33 bad company corrupts good character aggressive people will hurt others eventually they will hurt their own companions talking about better company a neighbor nearby is better than a faraway brother mas Malaga you copied behind and Jan Lange case hakuna mutata barong la una man bus mini begin at the unum pakka sama proverbs 27 10 do not go to your neighbor's house to your brother's house rather when disaster strikes you better a neighbor nearby than a brother far away Mira Fung very immediate need arrow medical emergency keep it Nagi Pitka Angela you know Papa did know in the islands violin pulao Elam Bund Okinawa mama get insane yo here make up it by camel a pizza bay John Kasich rapid by maluma banana haahah too long say Oh none much my beliefs chambray make us among lesser known but he forgot baka same habit bhai kong iike a to mood to lose ain't about it – lumen what you have it by more who ego he begins the Appetit bugging he begins getting up it behind a hill Nara begun by the horn then you have it by him or unmasked he get the Maha to long say you can say I didn't know who incoming a gigabit walk Sahaba did la la pit he get them a booty and rapid behind a millipede case a Sangma lion capital let's take the lesson now if it's on point unlike no money the angler baton more you copied by Monash angle up it so be neighborly but he up one more about my booty hands rapid by country managed to swimming say some pool Lonnegan and glass onion poliana Bangla Milan wakaya doing chambray Hindi but our neighborhood is a swimming pool where we swim every day will you want to poison your neighborhood with enmity among velocity of a polygon beautiful me awake a habit behind illa llah zone in you on your cop alligator I mean at nicosia saga be Hindi Malayalam onion casts a colony we put a Sunnah Hindi papa Union to Lumina Magoo hot naman egami Casa Gallina chiffon so moon looks Abajo who made you talk one-on-one young easy came on he kept ago a bit by hotel awake are you about Hawaiian induced vanilla below recap admire Hawaii mean you in an appalling Colin Cindy Hsu noggin guy teeny macaron and disaster an element to Luna you like ro ro and an indica sanglug was a funky was the mucosal ooh boom shiny problem and I an empanada delinquent took two Garland's about Hanyu in his day in his caucus a indeed alguien to do a Nevada in his daily misc españa so sin Anila lassen means really moon boo hi Oh kitty kind of epoch mob with the insane mohammad bhai but a moment raha but it's a biblia he departed i'm looking dejado en otro anti young mugging my baby cambogia my booty karynda para tomar p to say in the long run come abide gamma booty calm Menominee as I visa biblia organic tapping in bio uma Ani do not poison the water in which you swim especially the workplace many people spend eight hours a day in their workplace eight hours is one third of the twenty-four hours of every day so at least one-third of your life you are at work what will be the quality of that one-third of your life if your environment in your workplace is poisoned by enmity by strife by intrigued by quarrels so echo then Anglo game and Matalin entire Hindi Paula ye long battle momenta of peacemaker because your life will be nicer sweeter more peaceful Hui go mismo I'm a booty humble sinners are better companions than proud Saints self judging sinners are better companions than judgmental or self-righteous so hold since I am going on him hollow below namah booty de semana Tina dr. Marcus Allen and Matthew 1119 the son of man came eating and drinking and they say he's a glutton in a drunkard a friend of tax collectors and sinners he went with the sinners more than with the so-called Saints meanwhile no one is a saint no one is righteous Romans 3 then there is no one righteous not even one Maron Lana self-righteous para walang righteous and Apache no Surya Nutella is really not Odin on wanting vs. not to be done wanting calico on Anya Banga Banga and lead lead an opening in cybo solution amoeba Deena judge salut surah – Surat Samantha Allen shaman Amara me Pomona bunted Nagila Gila marami bang bang assume I the Hindi bowmen Lama Natali humble sinners will ground you self-proclaimed Saints will only damage you with their attitude and in the end will also judge you so you don't get anything maybe in close to such self-righteous people so avoid bad company but if you are strong and if you have a messianic complex then be with them to lift them up on crying hi Anna unit or a lesson ok hello below semana Hindi gonna is not is dial gusto moon but to Luhan Zilla they go in mom her acaba did go hinting about Malacca Cindy when a man Caracalla young Mahela ba ba ba he come along ma influences upon it it was an monologue Mona what Kahneman a mug Michelin Guide Samaha mission arrow she knew sodium una vez la maloso pero kanika wine upon arriving socket hahaha mole among you bug me mission and no a manatee lacasa ba a panel on in the maha missionary support Angela but stay home turn on Linda oh come to you Mahina Angela Obama he Namdaemun metalita influential monitor he did not end up in Ibiza Mahan who me wa salaam Napa enum but I buy in moon Anza really a te was a ganito bad company ruins people at Antonin what kind of company do you keep an Orion America Borgata halimbawa Hawaii me as I wanna women whom particle on healing healing McGraw I'm so lucky dilemma grow I'm spending then grow gr oh great now he can even seen asana macro Tahoe Mannion what kind of companionship is that in LA USA yonezawa he need about Union Bergamo Amana Bergamo kusu-kusu Maggie Newman he determined to meet a girl and ego Magoffin sakala singin imagine Obachan a man kappa typical yon know so anything and be nothing to Misawa bottles about company obokata you young bad company mismo Nevada nodding serene Casa handling a Filipina Bahama holidays really hip in a Bahama panadeine on Kiba at Maracana pimping anal guten seduce son Aloha Aloha moon naughty pegado un una da ba na mama lion a teen or Hindi in hehe last hindi mo booty because of the undesirable company that we keep a kiss opinion he's even how to face out this kind of companionships at Ranelagh la tarea unhealable baba shutting up wha mas malok a a nothing banana Goten and you know Eva likes company but alone portentous al-qassam on dislodging mariinka mercado de rancagua himalayan green ago a Maquis a logging goose Omega Zama and about influential a density mohammed abu high retire an influence on you mañana mañana mañana Totoro an emerging inferior Hindi nope waiting max Anita in repeating summer got him in a predominately Iran well behaved at alone German paneer Prem you hon and leepu and up and Simba youngin y'know most obedient temporal Allahabad and reborn most obedient lagana trophy most obedient Topanga Canyon bikini Cameroon on Camilla casinos you know that she knows innocent on a Sangma locking up in Tarzan young would be dense neon so failing on who maybe Napa gang Melissa teaming up with Islamic sobbing mommy with all my love and respect I cannot obey you gossip or money and he thickened up at Magali the patron up in cylinder to monkey de semana decimal a boom time anima golem i security 99.99 percent if up iguana sonic not in a dhamma pair of our nests on Isilon Asuna Duncanson old indian an accessory Indian in Alana to Iran unknown Gago in the Lacetti Bachman atomic bhagavata handle an anomaly in DC llama renewed among gay the Pitino Drona resident among gay sobbing Annie Jose Rizal marina I'm at Papa Sheila Sheila and Amana and acknowledged in Aruba any like a fondue me in Santa Monica Billy mañana para para para me him la etapa making a leap in an e ba so uninfluenced up in Santa Monica in otro on vanity sale on mana to ear and Hindi Mohammed we're on Busta Mogollon pero double 20 mana to Iran wedding two-man game in people see Devine attention on de la que se ha New Zealand on public a kindness is upon us on you Maya sama Hussein tomorrow not among game an influence that is a demon osawa USI when you banded adding the mullah Club the Taliban Appa hug and an Italian pocket our homeland on apanasana Louie Thailand in Europe in a hammock blossom open a Agana macaron and career in the UNEP in a are gonna begin power looking an Iranian Alang influence in you senor misawa and nomina anatomica la la vie tango who sigh and gurgling ah hee hee sigma gamma z sigma pura 10 years into their marriage no Valhalla hottie on Kenan yonezawa novel on embosses neguin Tata hands economy are Alito but influencing wife missing young husband in bad influence but you know company's Abu Haider but not positive the inflammation be negative I know I got the influential starting my empleado home buying amo by you manager color your employer an influential artist I think aqua empleado me another picnic bag on Puma so fancy poxy bug-a-thon mmm well on go aunt Ayano come purpose of the Haggadah tone influential he became a fan for a poor up unites the damaged luggage embargo began the bank influential teaming them their pin and no influence among classmates go I know influence in German class Vishnu a young man is the John Day the Papa got the been great Joe pop upon him Tinka you login Elon Kazama I know influence some boyfriend in you say no or girlfriend who mu who say volume pocket ow now fire pareja gonna go grow wanna get sundaland by or nagisa along by or is Alan and an egg you is a nagging any new lung up at the lower your identity Mon Kazama Mikasa by medallas / Hindi lager but you must allow each other room for individual growth hidden Ukraina Nagisa Unisa and I'm telling of this Yamuna signal and Sousou know the whole para maana p.m. pocket began a menu stone along young susan diego sigee soon of Sonora and hapara piece along among a era later hindi na ako gusta Merlin is an interest al-amin dolana Mon Tue yes an ameba guy para Baja Barranco sasame la luna – a DA he'll hindi na who interesting person what makes you interesting is your personality your god-given talents in any relationship even romantic and very close relationships must make room for that growth so how do sweethearts influence each other it's very important how do you allow yourself to be influenced even the church on our abide in your church will of course influence you but – what towards what control a nominal religion evoking self-righteous bugging judgmental bugging separatist juan de la casa hindi gun on genesis controller a mongoose Kahneman huskarla ET nous maha in ECP omaha salon and Oh male Indian and message dancers sadly it is the message of many pulpits see new surah Marine Yoon san inna our Heinen para la paz store Santa in Arvin and preacher and teacher para making self-righteous mugging judgemental Pangilinan at the end of the day we will all have been individually account for our deeds before God give way ticket or a casino on yahoo knock in the 100 on yes my Nana Godzilla pero Mira Corinne banana goat and John sometime in our enema rosamma nothings and a facility na RI na para laughing issue pero Maharaja am billion and duro nominal burger he not think I am Busan sung session human Arturo Davos companionship but for now we have so much to think about IMing just along it salamat PO san jamar Palala salaamed i'll goose in java mapa booty soon you're coming maka he was about the influence at the center income emerging good influence to others her on dopamine Selena Selena minion una in a pagan van ameen ameen seralini madalasa male Halawa anonymous influential I mean Saba but will a bullet a Mohammadi that Nawaz Abdul Allah is spirit and NGOs da luta a mechanically wanigan Papa booty pocketing gu hai bugging blessing but I of ceiba silence ugly McCool a bully listen to the voice of the spirit and find very personal applications this is beautiful teachings from the Bible

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