DOOM: Eternal vs. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: HEAD-TO-HEAD!
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DOOM: Eternal vs. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: HEAD-TO-HEAD!

Hey everyone! 2020 is upon us and that
means we have some hard decisions to make. More specifically we have some
decisions to make on behalf of our wallets because there’s a lot of
blockbuster games coming out in a very short period of time. Now not only will
we all go bankrupt trying to buy them on release we also won’t have nearly enough
time to play them all when they first come out. Just to give you a small taste
some of the games coming out this spring and summer are: Ori and The Will of the Wisps, Nioh 2, DOOM Eternal, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Trails of Cold Steel 3, Persona 5
Royal, the Resident Evil 3 remake, Final Fantasy 7 remake, the
Gears Tactics, Trials of Mana, Last of Us 2, Wasteland 3, The Avengers and
Cyberpunk 2077. Those are all coming out over the course
of four months March, April, May, and September and that’s less than half of
the full list. Two of those titles are actually coming out on the same day
March 20th. And to help you decide which of these two games to buy we decided to
compare the two titles that are of course very similar in a head-to-head
competition. We’re talking of course about DOOM Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons. One of these games is an intensely serious dramatic stress
reliever and the other one is DOOM Eternal. Let’s begin. We’ll start with performance because
graphical performance matters more now in gaming than it ever has before.
DOOM Eternal with an uncapped framerate on a stellar PC can potentially rack up
hundreds of frames per second. Animal Crossing on the other hand is limited by
the Nintendo switches graphical capabilities meaning there’s a chance it
can hit 60 frames per second at best but it could end up even lower. That’s one point for DOOM. On to the graphics. You might think that DOOM’s attention to each and every
gory detail means that it wins in this category but have you seen Tom Nook in
the New Horizons trailer? Look at that HD fur. It has to be at least 4K maybe even
8K. Animal Crossing wins, tying it up 1 to 1. Now let’s talk about the gameplay
itself Everyone loves killing demons especially
the angelic variety as the new DOOM pits the Slayer against both heaven and hell.
Bob the cat might look like a demon but Animal Crossing unfortunately doesn’t
let you double dash through the air and scatter his brains with a shotgun,
so DOOM gets a point for more demon killing. Although DOOM’s framerate and
murder options are vastly superior to Animal Crossing’s, DOOM’s home decor
interface is sorely lacking. Sure I can decorate the walls of every room in a
coat of bright crimson but I can’t rearrange furniture or show off the
rainbow butterfly I caught that day so Animal Crossing takes back a point for
artistic expression. doom always tells you to kill demons but
it never asks how are you demons Animal Crossing gives you a ton of options for
exploring friendships and delicate social situations but if we were to ask
the doom Slayer to attend a dinner party at our campsite an animal crossing it
would probably end violently animal crossing gets another point for
friendship dooms level design is stellar though the new title not only allows you
to maneuver midair platforms while soaring through the air blasting rockets
at demons and even throws some satisfying jump puzzles into the mix
Animal Crossing doesn’t even have levels so doom gets a point for level design
alright let’s tally them up and see where we’re at drum roll please
is that three points and Animal Crossing is also at three points well what do you
know a Jedi I guess you’ll have to buy both don’t mention it we’re just happy
to help thank you all so much for watching this incredibly serious
comparison of two of the hottest games of 2020 we’ll see you next time


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