Do Military Spouses Get Education Benefits?
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Do Military Spouses Get Education Benefits?

As a military spouse you’ve done things
you never thought you were capable of and done them well. And you have dreams. You may think you need to put those dreams on hold but you don’t.
That’s why Southern New Hampshire University partners with Operation
Homefront to help you realize those dreams and
aspirations the ones that can be obtained through education. Operation
Homefront’s mission is to build strong stable and secure military families.
Together, we share a goal of helping military families thrive. We joined
forces in 2014 and have hosted Operation Homefront celebrations for hundreds of
military spouses each year nationwide. SNHU has also awarded full tuition
scholarships at each event my name is Shelley Via. I am a 2015 Southern New
Hampshire University scholarship recipient. Southern New Hampshire
University has been the best education experience that I have ever had. But it
doesn’t take a scholarship for a military spouse to receive educational
benefits at SNHU. Our mission is to make education accessible and affordable for
everyone and SNHU has one of the lowest online tuition rates in the country. If
you’re thinking it’s not your time think of all the incredible things you’ve
already accomplished. At SNHU we’re here to support your education goals while
you support the people that mean the most to you. learn more at

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