Discovery Kids Sharks Part 1

hey everybody I'm Zack now you all know me as your trusty ultimate guide to all things awesome and as you can tell from my getup sometimes that means you got to get aquatic so we're taking a dangerous dive deep into the ocean to check out a fish that's been ruling the wave since the age of the dinosaurs no not these little guys this guy that face doesn't ring any bells I know those jaws will that's right we're talking sharks some of the most ruthless vicious killers to ever live on earth but that's only part of their story with about 370 species sharks are much more than just a pretty set of teeth what couldn't a set it better myself so on your marks for the Sharks and get set to be wet ultimate guide to the awesome style ah summertime don't you just love it hot some blue skies the crystal ocean waters makes me just want to dive right in then get lazy baking on the beach watching the icebergs float on by oh did I mention we're up in the Arctic Circle not exactly the most inviting campground but it's the best place to get a look at the mysterious Greenland shark that's one of the local Inuit guides now my Inuits a tad bit rusty but I think he said something along the lines of this is Nick Kelly Anna's underwater photographer he's hoping to be the first person to ever capture the Greenland shark on film and he's got a hurry there's a storm blowing in and time is running out got 24 hours left twenty two and a half hours a day like Arctic storms are so scary even the locals are out of here the Nick is willing to risk it one really big problem the guys took off last night so we're here alone yeah things look pretty bleak but then the winds die down and Nick slides down into the freezing Arctic Ocean it's now or never one last shot at greatness so down into the murky waters they go hard to see much of anything down here and then just when it looked like Nick and his team might have to give up and go home well I'll let Nick tell the story I've been diving over two hours in the ice in 29 degree water 1 from 50 feet away I saw a large animal I thought it was a narwhal without a test those I approached the animal turn and I realized I was I to I with a Greenland shark its interest now is diverted to me my brain clicked the diet of this species included small whales and seals it felt like lunch for this supposed lethargic lunge feeder but it suddenly dealt me down I wasn't sure what was gonna happen so I thrust the big camera out and plumped him in the nose a few times now all you kids watching in the Arctic Circle do not try this at home nick is a professional shark nose bumper I started a backpedal nervously towards the surface and luckily for me the shark became disinterested and went back to the easier prey Wow Nick sure likes to live dangerously but he got what he came for and all that amazing footage of big dreaming has been a major help to the scientists who study these cold water Kings it's also brought up tons of new questions but before he heads back to the Arctic Circle again I think Nick's gonna take a nice hot bath and come to think of it what do you say we head for some warmer waters two sharks are easier to find there anyway ah now this is what I'm talking about none of that Arctic Merc to block our view about three-quarters of the earth is covered with the Seas and oceans so there's plenty of room for all kinds of cool-looking creatures just counting the ones we know about there are over 20,000 different species of fish and this guy looks hungry enough to eat every one of them stay in school kids I tell you if these little dudes aren't careful they're gonna end up as today's Blue Plate special now not all sharks are as big and hungry as this one but most of the 370 species of shark are right up there at the top of the food chain and down there cruising the ocean floor – in fact they're all over the place now you would want to go swimming in these shark-infested waters but it's actually a good thing that sharks are here even though they have a pretty scary reputation with water loving humans sharks do an important job helping to keep the oceans ecosystem in balance how do they do it simple by chowing down on all the weak and injured sea creatures and they're on the job all day every day and of course the ultimate hunters have got state-of-the-art equipment to help them find their prey their senses are so finely tuned they could find the nearest seafood joint with their fins tied behind their backs like their hearing it's so incredibly sensitive chucks can pick up sounds from as far away as 15 soccer fields sound actually travels through water better and farther than it does through the air this experiment shows what kind of sound sharks like the best that speaker is playing no frequency sounds with irregular vibrations and the Sharks are saying pump up the bass y'all that's because it's almost the exact same sound that a wounded fish makes hey you come back here that fish is right to be nervous no matter where it runs or swims the shark is probably gonna get it that's because when the shark gets within a few hundred yards its sense of smell takes over like dogs sharks sniff out a scent and stay on the trail uh-oh he said it this way probably smells bye to the Sandwich who thought I was toast I mean these guys can sniff out a single molecule of blood in over a million molecules of water so if there's food around they're gonna find it but just how do they do it sounds like a case for the super seer of the seven seas megamagnifier now that's one of the sharks two nostrils as it swims the odor soap water is pushed through and super fine sensory tissue picks up on what's cooking after that it's not a matter of if but when this boy is going to chow and with a guy this big you just know he's coming back for seconds but excellent ears in the sucrose NAS aren't the half of it sharks have even more super senses up their slippery sleeves one that's especially awesome close them into any struggling fish as far as a hundred yards away but can it detect the arrival of mega mag vibrations are picked up by the lateral lines ultra sensitive fluid-filled canals that run under the shark's skin the canals are lined with tiny hairlike receptors their job pick up on the vibrations made by wounded prey that info brings a hunter even closer to its victim finally at around 30 yards the shark can literally get the target in its sights and you know mega mags still got an eye on things shark eyes like sharks come in all shapes and sizes if they feed in shallow waters they'll usually have small eyes because there's light and help them see but if they dine down deep they'll have larger eyes to make the most of the light they do get and some sharks have an eyelid called a nictitating membrane it works like safety goggles to protect the eye when a shark bites down on dinner but to me the most stupendous shark sense of them all is the one it uses at close range in its names just as awesome as what it can do you might want to pop in a tape and hit record because it's time to look at the ampullae of Lorenzini and here comes megamagnifier to put a face to that awesome name it all starts with these pores on the snout and head they lead straight to these jelly filled sacks crazy as it sounds the sacks can detect electricity see open wounds like an injured fish produce tiny electrical fields the amazing ampule I can pick up on this current even if it's only one 100 millionth of a volt which wouldn't even power a nightlight shocking well hardly seems fair to the rest of the ocean I mean any one of a shark super senses would be enough for most fishermen hang in there little guy the high powered here on a hypersensitive smell and those electoral fantastic ampullae of Lorenzini well when you put them all together sharks prey better say its players before it turns out the lights you


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