Conan Gray – Checkmate (Lyrics)
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Conan Gray – Checkmate (Lyrics)

You think you’re funny, right? Calling me drunk when it’s too late at night Telling me truths that you know all are lies Yeah, you think you’re funny, right? You think you’re super sly Flirtin’ with them but telling me you’re mine Building me up, but buttercup you lied! Now I’m gonna ruin your life. Cuz I’ve gotten tired of the games that you play When you tell me you love me then you throw me away. So, cry me a river till you drown in the lake, Cuz you may think you’re winning but Checkmate. Yeah you may think you’re winning but Checkmate. Now this is getting fun, I saw you kissing someone else’s tongue You say that I’m the only one you love, Baby, this is getting fun. I’ll let you think you won Date in the park, I’ll play it super dumb. Holding your hand, But in the other one… I’m holding a loaded gun. Yeah baby you should really run.


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