• Skinny Bones Jones

    Parents are working at least one job, oftentimes two.. Children are being raised by Youtube and Instagram. What do you expect

  • grumpy old fart

    No, you need a big paddle to bust their asses. If they have mental health problems, a good ass busting will cure it every time.

  • Frankincensed

    Schools have become chaotic because the fault of everything has gone from the student and parent to the teacher. Teachers are now responsible for EVERY student's behavior and educational progress. 3 of 5 teachers today use schools ONLY as a stepping stone. I teach at the college level. While an undergrad, I worked 2 1/2 years as a substitute teachers. Worst job I've ever had. A fellow classmate in a graduate seminar called substitute teaching "suicide on the installment plan." I have another friend who taught high school English while working on his law degree. During one assembly, a student, not from his class, was acting up. The boy said, "There's nothing you can do. I don't care, call the cops." My lawyer friend told me that the majority of teachers at his school were either brand new and temporary or close to retirement hanging on until the pension kicked in. He was also told by his fellow teachers, "you're either going to do what the kids want you to do or you'll quit."

  • Spartaeus

    No discipline allowed in the home! No discipline allowed at the schools!!!!
    Are these people freakin crazy!!! It is NOT a mental health issue! It is a lack of physical discipline issue!!
    They are suppose to be teachers and they do not understand the basic principle of cause and effect.
    It's the supposed mental health professionals that have brought about child behavior problems. All because of their lunatic wacky ideas about how children should be raised.

  • Ben Dearson

    Metal health? What fuck liberals this parent issue. Oh that right we love cheap labor. Mom and dad can't get ahead. Meaning both parents working this issues(Greed they need 2 cars 3 homes etc. You have house prices that went up because households have to incomes have. supply and demand. To many immigrants is the real issue. Liberals force my school to employee translator as 30 40 dollars an hour. Immigrants been coming for years true, but never at this rate you the entire NW west of US being taken over by immigrants use to 90 white and homogenous society. I watched Calif. be taken over within 25 years with Mexicans. White want work in fields( Not True). Farmers in Modesto are wealthy have 100,000 dollar trucks diesels with leather hide seats all the goodies. Greed, is the reason for this shit. My parents white oakies worked the fields they made together about 20.00 an hour good money for the late 50 and 60s. what happened greed cheap labor. I dont hate immgrants I hate greedy white people who are lazy and want to out source labor.

  • Ryan Polak

    This Is from 2000 when they forced parents out and said kids can raise themselves. Now they attacked the kids with this whole fake gender fuckery. Watch Home Alone. That's how we grew up cause we knew better. These kids don't know a fucking thing! We have to remember as adults even if their not our kid a smile, hello, a high five, anything positive and uplifting is what these kids are looking for. If you know a kid in need be human and help! Don't just turn your head or close your eyes.

  • I Am Joy.

    There is no definitive purpose in our school. You're not teaching our children anything to preparing for the world or the aspects of what it takes to live and thrive in this world not to be mindless zombies. They need definitive purposes. With definitive purposes you can have sharp minds ready to think and thrive in areas that the children thrive best in and not in areas that we want to categorize them in.

  • Robert Sansone

    When I was a kid teachers would beat the turds out of us for misbehaving. We didn't complain when we got home or we'd get the turds beat out of us again. If that didn't work, a kid was expelled. We had very orderly classrooms & got quite a good education. Of course, the newer progressive teachers would consider the way I was educated as absolutely barbaric. That is why we a graduating illiterate savages.

  • Free Bible Prophecy Book Reg6 Dot Com

    Society has turned their back on God. The restraining power of the Holy Spirit is being slowly withdrawn from the earth and people are being left to the evil they have chosen. Plain and simple. It amazes me how many people just can't see that. What is God going to have to allow to wake people up? it scares me to think about it. There is some massive, serious trouble coming America's way. This is just the beginning… you'll see.

  • Anthony Nelson

    This is the new America. Our politicians are so inept and self-serving, they are only good for lying and wasting time.

  • Markus Broyles

    I HATED school, saw right through the whole system. It wasn't where I learned… that happened at home where I could read without being distracted by so many kids in the class. When I was reading the parents kept the siblings off my back …Schooil… all the rotating around to different classes… the mayhem in the halls and locker rooms… I got out and never went back… never stopped teaching myself skills or reading, and never had kids so that I wouldn't have to put up with a system that LORDS all that authority over both kids and parents… Fuck school… it's so pathetic, hey teachers are great when they aren't power tripping but the system has never worked for me and now I see all these kids with huge debts from their college years… my ex wife had student debt outstanding for our whole 20+ years together… what a joke… An old librarian totally hipped me to the scam, told me to just never quit reading and I'd be better educated than all my contemporaries in 10 years no matter what. It's true ! Only problem is ~ now I'm just much more informed than most people I meet. Most people want others to do their thinking for them and totally go along to get along, that's how this "Woke Politically Correct Cancel CULTure" got established… and any intelligent kid can FEEL that it's all off and they react to it with rebellion too. Automatic… I like the ancient Spartans who got tough and kept getting tougher. But I can't stand conformity… in a modern world with so much stupidity and abuse of authority…

  • Anthony Nelson

    Parents are over worked, sressed out. Kids are pushed to learn too much too fast or risk falling behind. They are exposed to anything and everything on the internet and social networking keeps them spending more time interacting with their mobile devices than with other kids. If things stay this way, kids will be burned out before they finish high school.

  • Michael Naaktgeboren

    The further our nation moves away from Christian morality, the more and more our children suffer. Schools don't need mental health experts. Our society needs the fear of the Lord.

  • Corey Dinan

    Welcome to America where parents cant parent, and deflection of responsibility to people that should not be taking care of it. Selfish movement that started before 2000.

  • Mot Minute

    Teachers are leaving their jobs because they don't have enough young children and high school teens to molest and sexually offend. Now it's time to go to Asia and Africa, easier to find young, innocent victims.

  • Marc Elliott

    It really is a shame that teachers are required to deal with little animals that other people call children. Kids like the ones they are talking about need to be pulled and put to physical labor. I mean, we all know that these kids are never going to amount to JS, so why not get some societal benefit from them.

  • Mr111mac111

    I would get my but whipped at home and school.  today your kids can divorce you and put you in jail.  we need the proper elders in place before it is too late.  Mind,  Body,  Soul.  Some think they belong in certain positions but are not qualified.  the elder has wisdom that some can only dream of.  Actually they can't dream about it. babies are babies,  kids are kids,  adults are adults,  elders are elders,  Jesus is God.

  • Keith Lauder Jr

    Bleeding heart Libs run the Education System. Thet have TOTALLY screwed it up like most things they touch. T/P2020 MAGA

  • BeachsideHank

    My son taught H.S. English for the last 12 years to a typical class of about 35 students, of which only about 4- 5 actually cared about the subject; the rest considered it a waste of time and an intrusion in their lives. He was threatened by a student who was expelled, then given a reprieve, and "mom" re- enrolled him in the same school, all without my son's knowledge, consent or participation in the process because the kid was "a juvenile" and such matters were- according to district policy- "confidential".
    My son now teaches English in a remote fishing village to school children in Japan. He has never been happier, is totally embraced by the residents who give him all their support, and he has the honorific of being considered "Sensei"- a person of great respect and learning. I believe he will never return to the land of his birth because when a teacher wears a power suit and begins and ends classes with a bow of mutual respect with uniformed students, great things are expected to happen, and usually they do.

  • Captain Thumper

    When parents stopped spanking their kids the kids have become unmanageable. I would not teach two minutes even if they gave me a million bucks a year with a million signing bonus.

  • dawunderdog

    When you spare the rod or live in a place where any physical discipline is grounds for cps kids are going to act out. Also it doesn't help when society says a kid can be whatever they want and teach us that diversity is our strength. The largest study on American society showed that the more diverse a group were the less quality of life was. Then add a common core curriculum where parents don't know how kids get their answers from and now I see kids not trust their own parents. So in a nutshell my kids are gonna be taught that you are a fluid person that won't face physical discipline, your difficult learning can't be helped by your uneducated parents, and your common ground is diversity??? Like really…

  • Martin Frecks

    If kids don’t wanna be in public school give them a real option to have a job in the workforce life early or a votecschool teachers are teaching outdated material I Kinda don’t blame the kids tenured teachers sometimes are burned out And don’t give a shit and the kids can see it.

  • MoneyManFernando

    Lack of discipline at home and at schools. Schools are afraid of parents suing them therefore the schools do not discipline bad behavior. Parents who never should had have kids.

  • clarkewi

    I've been a high school teacher for 27 years and almost quit about 10 years ago, but I soldiered on. My opinion is that the lack of administrative support. At one time, disruptive students were addressed by administrators but not any more. It's all left to the teachers to sort out.

  • Indigo Speaker

    how bout kick them out of school? that's what they want. Compulsory education is an invasion of human sovereignty. I get why we do it, but do you get why we shouldn't?

  • Martinique Louise Fisher

    From CA: No parent involvement, most don’t even speak english, Common core making smart kids bored and antsy, lowering the bar for kids who don’t want to work anyway, no follow-up discipline once removed from the classroom for dangerous behavior, classrooms being flooded with kids who come from countries who don’t value education, district morons who only care about lining their own pockets…. the list goes on.

  • L. R.

    This is happening everywhere. Teachers need more support in the classroom. Kids are not being parented at home. The administration comes in to the classroom puts unrealistic demands on the teachers. The disruptive students are left in the classroom for the teacher to handle along with the unrealistic demands. I love teaching but every so often I have to take a year off for sanity.

  • Mr. Interesting

    Everything always circles back to lack of responsibility and lawyers. The failure parents sue the schools when their child is disciplined, so the schools have learned not to discipline. Thank you dumb parents and lawyers!

  • Wayne Burkett

    Placing a child in public school is ABUSE !! I have seen a massive decline in competence and professionalism in public school teachers. Like they went to ghettos and trailer parks to hire them. Every time there is a massive protest or a riot, we can trace it back to TEACHERS instigating the children and leading the way.

  • Pat d

    Teachers are leaving their jobs for the same reason good kids want out of the same schools: Violence!!! However, Teacher's Union & DemonRats work together to sustain these bad ass schools.

  • Sawtooth Survival

    YOUR ALL WRONG!!!!!!!

    What we need to do is Bring back that Big Wooden Paddle with the Holes Drilled in it that my Principal or Gym teachers used To Beat the Ass of the kids who acted up. I saw a Few kids Buckle at the Kneels when the Wrath of the Paddle came down

  • alnot01

    By 2030, there will be a year when the number of teachers who die a violent death on the job will exceed 10. Will that lead to an awareness that many USA public schools are failing?

  • Red Eagle

    I went to school in the 80's, and the teachers were female, and ignorant trash. That was in Illinois. I fixed that after I left that shit hole. American education is a fucking joke.

  • Dink Martini

    As a society, America has lost its way. This is what happens when government gets involved in raising children. Too many parents are ready to dump their obligation onto somebody else.

  • Carter Benton Jr

    When I was in school you got a paddling when you misbehave. When one of your siblings acted up their teacher would tell you what your sibling did in class and give to the note they wrote to give to your parents so they could be disciplined. Boy did your sibling(s) got disciplined. What happened to those days? I know the schools got woke!

  • Island Bear

    Taught at a "Title 1" low income school. Half the kids spoke no English, students brought guns on campus, girls were being "gangbanged" into gangs, parents attacked teachers, a parent assaulted a 13 year old female student, there was zero discipline. Every day was an absolute nightmare, how I made it through the entire year I don't know. The school system just needs to be done away with, an immense waste of resources that will soon collapse. Many schools will no longer be able to even be staffed with teachers.

  • Robert Lopez

    We don’t need more people or mental health “experts” in the classroom. We need parents to parent their own children and to stop throwing the parenting responsibilities to the government run day care known as the public school system.

  • Orson Jaques

    All this is because Oregon is an anarchocommunist ethnostate. I visited you guys once. What did I find in the bookstore? Karl Marx. I don't feel sorry for this teacher at all. There are only two kinds of Oregonians – snowbirds and hustlers.

  • A For the love of Jesus

    That's the government fault when they took away parents right to discipline their kids and doing time out so this is what you have.

  • comfortableman12

    This is what you get with liberal ideology in the classroom. There are no consequences for their actions. When I acted up in school I was diciplined not only by the school but when I got home. Both my parents did not tolerate bad behavior from me while in school. If I acted up in school then when I got home I got my ass torn up. Simple as that. Today, I'm proud of the the fact that my parents cared enough about me to tear my ass up when I needed it. I don't personally believe that teachers should have the ability or right to spank a child. That is the parent's job. That said the teacher should have the ability to throw a student out of their class if needed.

    School's today should be shut down completely and everyone sent home until liberal's are thrown out of the system. I as a tax payer am sick to death of paying school tax's for this. Give parents (that actually care) the choice to put their children in a private school where discipline is a daily practice. I want a refund on my school tax's for the past 20 years at least.

  • Deb Lou

    Chemically coshing the future generations of our countries is a very very bad idea…. STOP VACCINATING UNTIL YOU HAVE EDUCATED YOURSELF

  • Carol S

    We need to enforce discipline, at home and in the schools. Why do we coddle these kids? Then act surprised when they act like spoiled, angry, violent brats?

  • Bonified Good

    I feel like we should get rid of high school have the kids do their work and the curriculum on the computer make them more accountable for their attendance and their work and if they don't do it it's simple they don't get to graduate or get their diploma!

  • Bonified Good

    it's sad that a lot of children and young adults see how these teachers are being treated and they don't want to be teachers because they don't want to go through what these teachers are going through!! this is all our fault because they took away the right to discipline our children the way we feel fit to discipline our children! it begins at home and in our school we should be able to discipline our children more than what we are allowed to do with our kids!my kids they say yes sir no man they say please and thank you because they know if they don't they will feel these hands!!

  • nj funfriendly

    I always hear the Principal don't back/ support the Teacher when students act bad in class. Say Principal gets mad when a Teacher sends bad students to the office, at time punish the Teacher.

  • Scott Shaffer

    Change your crazy ass liberal laws let teachers discipline, hold the parents accountable for there children. Those dam kids aren't in crisis there little brats that need there ass beat, reep it Oregon you made it that way raise more little soy boy's so they can join antifa. Let dems run your state they well destroy it.

  • Can We Talk About That??

    I hope we can get a handle of the mentally ill, how ever I don't believe that the majority is mentally ill. Parents need to parent!

  • Anthony Wright

    So white kids, are not just rotten, bad people in general. Hmmm, seems to me the real truth is coming out. Lack of resources, King asked for this years ago, denied. Now the chicken's comes home to roost! But you want us to have compassion. Suck it up, pull yourself up by the bootstraps! Kind of hard when you dont have any….

  • Diane Balch

    Problem is our society's downgrading of the core family's impact. Jimmy Carter correctly stated that the family is the bedrock of this country. That, and I'd add our faith in God. Now parents are too concerned about their own lives and free time.

  • Kaustav Chowdhury

    You folks need Jesus Christ our Lord in your schools again. That lady student was demon possessed. You guys are blind to spiritual torments. That is what happens when you ban Bible.
    All Glory to our Lord Jesus Christ

  • Dr. Kerris Dillon

    I felt teaching. I loved my students. I was a very good teacher, but the staff as well as the lack of resources made it impossible to stay. Would never go back.

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