CartOon Network on ScHool Safety, Educational Cartoons, Family Video Stranger Danger like ABC Family
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CartOon Network on ScHool Safety, Educational Cartoons, Family Video Stranger Danger like ABC Family

what up my little nephews and niecys. This is yo’ man Big Juicy reminding you to
watch Welcome to FresBerg by subscribing to youtube today @FresBergCartoon – Educational CArtoon and Family Video on teaching kids about stranger danger and a separate lesson on honesty. Promoting child safety with animation through education on school safety, home safety, comparable to abc family. This is great if you like short family movies & kids movies. Please recommend, and comment below. Also share with your favorites Youtube Movies and Children Movies. Kids: Hey J, Hey J, Hey J!!!! Jeremiah: Hey kid. Sorry about that. I didn’t even hear you come through the door. I’m actually in here getting my work on right now. You know how I do. When it comes to programming these games. I stay focused and of course it’s hard for me to come out my zone but I’m glad to came through to the shack today, everybody’s favorite community center as for me I’m working on a cool game
about science. You see a lot of shortys struggle with science and I’m making it fun to learn all about
elements and everything that makes this world go round, so you know I’m doing my thing. but as for you of course I’m glad you
came through and I must show you some cool stories with my team down in the Berg. Not check this out
today i’m introducing you to a guy named Mr. Franklin. Now Mr. Franklin’s a real cool dude and he teaches everybody down at the center about
safety so check this out right here Mr. Franklin: Hey guys. Well it’s almost time for you to go home. But I did have a quick lesson that
I wanted to cover with you before you took off for the day. Hey make
sure you put all the equipment away too, but before you do that come on over here. Jess: Like come on Mr. Franklin I don’t feel like learning right now. my head hurts. I mean seriously. We had a science project today and it took everything I had to stay paying attention, and I don’t want to learn right now. Jo: what do you mean you can’t take it. All you did was sit there and go yuck while I did everything for our frog project.
Jess: Well that’s why I love you big sis. because you do all the yucky stuff for me. Jo: Anyways Mr. Franklin. What’s going on? Mr. Franklin: Well guys I know it’s almost time for you to go home but I did have something I wanted to talk to you about today. you see today i wanna talk to you the
about being safe whether you’re at school, here at the center or maybe on your way home.
Franky: What do you
mean safe? Franky. Today we’re gonna have a little
talk about strangers.
Bernard: I’m not worried about no strangers. Cause I don’t care how big or ugly they are if they mess with me I’m just gone punch em in they jaw. Mr. Franklin: Bernard that’s the wrong way to think about it but since you did answer why don’t you tell us all what you think a stranger is? Bernard: Uhh. I don’t know. Somebody who funny looking and they try to talk to you. Bernice: Naw boy. It’s somebody whose big and scary like in those movies that you scared of. Anyways. I don’t get scared. You get scared. Mr. Franklin: Come on guys we gotta focus here it’s almost time to go home. Now that was a good try but strangers aren’t easily seen.
Franky: How do we know what a strange is Mr. Franklin.
Mr. Franklin: Strangers can be men, women
or even teenagers if you’ve never met them in real life
they are strangers Jo: But there are a lot of people we don’t know. Should we be worried about everybody. Mr. Franklin: Nope I’m not saying all of that but that’s why we’re talking here today because I want you guys to be careful. First
you have to know the difference between strangers. Jo: What do you mean. You just said if we don’t know them. They’re strangers. Mr. Franklin: Yeah I did say that but there’s a big difference on how you look at strangers if you’ve never seen them or don’t know
who they are like I said before they’re strangers. But also want to now there is such a thing good
strangers. Franky: What do you mean a good stranger?
Mr. Franklin: A good stranger is someone that jyou see in your neighborhood like a firefighter, a policeman or maybe at school like a principal or teacher. Maybe you’re not in their class but they work at the school so they’re a good stranger even though you don’t know them from their class do you understand?
Chillz: Are those people you can go and ask for help when you’re in trouble.
Mr. Franklin: You got it Chillz. Now also there may be times if you lost are you
don’t know where to go and you really need help right then. You
can also reach out to people that are around. Chillz: But what if they’re bad strangers.
Mr. Franklin: Well this is where you have to be careful as well but when people approach you and you
don’t know them be very cautious. Remember you wanna be
safe. Just like I’m standing a little far away
from you when you go to someone and you need help
and you really don’t know em. Keep a distance that way in case something happens you
have time to run. so remember if you are out somewhere and
someone comes up to you asking a strange question like hey I’ve
lost my kitten or my puppy. Can you help me find it, or if they try to to give me something and you don’t know who they are, or maybe
they ask you to get in their car. you stay as far away as possible.
Remember these are strangers and they might be up to no good. now if something like that happens i want you to yell 2 words for Mr. Franklin. I want you to yell stranger danger and get as far away from them as possible. screamin until someone comes to help. So
what I’m gonna do is give you a packet that you can go over with
the parents and make sure that no matter what you do you stay safe
and Mr. Franklin and your parents.
Franky: Thanks Mr. Franklin. Chillz: Hey Franky I can’t stay out too late today. I have a ton of homework and a science project I have to finish before tomorrow.
Franky: That’s cool Chillz. you wanna go over to Pindar’s store to get something to eat?
Chillz: But Pindar’s right there.
Pindar: Hey guys what are you up to? Chillz: Well Nothing now. We were getting ready to go over to your store to get something to snack on but you’re not there. You’re here. Pindar: Yeah. My mom she said right now the stores kind of slow. So I can go out and play with you guys. Franky: Now that’s cool, but when you go to play you have to be safe Pindar. Pindar: What do you mean?
Franky: Yesterday Mr. Franklin taught us about strangers. and how to be careful when we’re out with our friends. Chillz: Yeah. Like last night. He gave us a packet and me and my mom and my dad. Talked about good strangers and bad strangers too. My mom told me I always have to take the same way home. so they can know where I’m at if they have to come and look for me. Yeah and my Granny Maxine told me to be cautious of people trying to ask me to go with them or trying to give me something and I don’t know who they are. She said to stay away from them and keep with my buddy Chillz so we can be safe. Pindar: Wow. I did not know that. That’s pretty cool guys. Maybe I should talk to my mom about that too.
Franky: Well you’re here with us so we can hang out for a little bit Pindar. (Stranger walking up)
Hey kids. Who is that? Hey kids Stranger: How are you? Stranger: Hey guys I’m so sad right now. you see I’ve seem to lost my little
kitty. Do you guys like kittens? Chillz: Yeah.
Franky: Shhh! Stranger: Yeah I sure do miss little Peaches. Would you guys like to get in my car and
help me come and find my kitty? Kids: Stranger Danger, Stranger Danger! Stranger: No. No. Be quiet. Penny Run! Mr. Rose: I’m just so glad you boys are safe. I don’t know what I would do if something was to happen to you kids. fficer Sweeney: Guys. My name is Officer Sweeney. and i wanna let you know that you were
very brave today the man that you came and told Mr. Rose about well we’ve been looking for this guy for
a long time and because you told on him. Hey we were able to catch him down the block and we got him so you don’t have to worry about him anymore. Mr. Rose: That is awesome officer make sure that if you have any questions all you need
to talk to us we’re here because we want to make sure
that our neighborhood are safe for our children.
Franky: Yeah Mr. Franklin told us if somebody comes to us and tries to talk to us and we don’t know who they are keep a safe distance, and we did. Officer Sweeney: That’s right guys. remember keep your distance from strangers especially those that might ask you questions to come with them or try to give you things Also remember if you get in trouble you can always call 911 or look for
safe place like a library, store or someone like
me a police officer or a fireman. Never go with anyone you don’t know and I can truly say. By the way you guys acted today in that situation your truly heroes. Franky: Chillz. Did you hear that. We’re heroes! Jeremiah: Alright now. That was some real cool advice from my man Mr. Franklin. You see no matter where you go and
wherever you are whether it’s with friends, family or any
loved ones you always wanna stay safe. That’s the main
thing I’m always telling you kid. Be safe. Keep your
eyes peeled. You know. There’s good strangers like he said and there’s bad strangers. You wanna know
the difference because that’s very important to keeping
you my nice and safe. now I’m getting ready to switch gears as
well because I got another story coming your
way from down in the Berg. Now you see me of course I like hanging out with my
friends and chillin’ too. But when it comes to me and my friends I always keep it real and that’s what this
next episode is about. Not frontin’ but keepin it real. Alright Check this out.
Lee: I’m so fresh, I’m so hot there’s no one better. I run the spot. Man that was real tight. I need to write that one down. That one could go platinum baby. I wonder what’s on the radio. DJ Don Eazy: Aw man that was a hot track right there as we rock the jams. on 88.8 FM. Now you know it’s your main man Don Eazy on the M.I.C. and you know we got the hottest music right here on the Wake Up Show in the Berg. Plus we also love to showcase our local talent. You heard me right. Don’t forget baby this Friday if you a hot MC or a hot singer here in FresBerg. Come out and show off your skills on Make it Flow Fridays on the radio. If you up to coming to coming to emcee hit us up online and we might see you on Make It Flow Friday’s. Lets get back into the music.
Lee: I don’t know they just don’t put me on. If I got a chance to be on the radio to show off my skills. I would spit something The entire city would know I was the man. That would be so fresh yo! Franky: Man Chillz. I’m so stuffed right now. Chillz: Why you tellin me all about that. You didn’t hook me up with no food. I always bring you stuff to hook you up Franky. Franky: Yo I am sorry dude. Next time I’ll make sure I hook you up alright.
Lee: What up homeboys. It’s the freshest emcee in the Berg, Yung Lee aka MC Lee aka Nobody can do it better. Chillz: What’s going on rap star? Where have you been? Lee: Man you know I been gettin’ it in. Doing a little bit of this. Doing a little bit of that. But you know lately I been in my lab perfecting my craft. Bernard: (Laughter) Don’t you mean your bedroom Mr. Wanna Be Rapper.
Lee: What’s up Bernard? Bernard: Not you emcee wackness. I don’t even know why you try to fool yourself pretending that you got skills to try to impress these two. Everybody knows when it comes to the Berg, your rhymes are pure garbage (Laughter). Lee: You must be out of your mind. This time. When I spit rhymes. I drop dimes. (Laughter) Bernard: I know that wasn’t your attempt to try to rap to me. you are even more terrible than I thought.
Franky: Bernard. Why don’t you leave him you always have something bad to say about people. That’s not nice.
Bernard: What have I told you about about getting into grown folks business Franky? Franky: Grown folks. You’re only 10. Bernard: But that’s 4 years. No. Wait. Wait. That’s. 3 years older than you so stay up out of my business.
Lee: Don’t worry about him Franky. He’ll be jealous when I get on the”Wake Up Show.” for, “Make It Flow Fridays.” Bernard: (Laughter) Yeah. Whatever. That’ll be the day that you get on the, “Wake Up Show.” To show off your wack skills. That’ll be the day that the Easter Bunny can fly. (Laughter)
Lee: Oh yeah. Well I already talked to Don Eazy and he said I’m gone be on this Friday.
Bernard: Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. That’ll be the day. I have to see this. You better not be lieing you wack rapper. because if you are I’m going to tell the whole school. that you wack and that you are a liar. because you faked like you was gone be on the radio show to show off Anyway. I gotta go. I’ll see you later. Franky: Are you really going to be on the Radio Lee? Lee: Uhhh. No.
Chillz: Well why did you say that. You know Bernard is nothing but trouble and if you frontin’ he’s gone put you on blast at the whole school. Franky: Yeah Lee. It’s not cool to tell stories.
Lee: Tell me Something I don’t know. I have to figure it out. You know I’ll figure a way to get on the show. Marjorie: It’s a great day to be at 88.8 FM This is Marjorie. What can I do for you boys.
Lee: Hi Marjorie. We’re here because we want to talk to DJ Don Eazy. I want to get on the radio when he does, “Make It Flow Fridays.” I’m a rapper.
Marjorie: (Laughter) So let me get this straight. You want to get on the, “Wake Up Show.” Which is the hottest show here in the Berg and try to be a rapper. Number one baby how old are you?
Lee: I’m 9 years old but don’t let my age fool you cause I got skills Marjorie.
Marjorie: (Laughter) So… Let me see you think you really have skills to be on, “Make It Flow Friday’s,” honey? Who are these two guys? Your hype men. Chillz: No ma’am we’re his friends.
Franky: Yeah. that’s Chillz and my name is Franky. Could you please let us on the radio. My my friend wants to rap.
Marjorie: Well I do have to say that is real cute honey. Well You know why not. If you think you got skills let me hear what you got little man.
Lee: What do you mean? Marjorie: Hello little boy. Don’t waste Ms. Marjorie’s time. I want to hear you rap if you you think you have skills.
Lee: You mean right now?
Marjor: Well boys it was nice meeting you. but I really need to get back to work. It doesn’t look like your friend here wants to rap so have a great day babies. Lee: Wait… Wait… Wait… I can rap. Just give me a second Marjorie. Umm. Ok I got it. Ok. Check this out. Yo. Yo. Yo. My flows are so fresh they leave the whole earth shakin’. My rhymes are so hot, they sizzle like bacon. yeah. So what do you think? Can I get on the morning show Marjorie? Marjorie: (Laughter) Oh my goodness. That was cute and so really. Stay in school baby. I’ll see you boys later. I can’t get you on the “Wake Up Show.”
Franky: Awe man. I don’t know what we’re going to do.
Chillz: I don’t even want to think about it right now. Lee. This time I think your mouth has got you in some serious trouble. Ms. Meetry: Well hello boys. What’s going on over there. Why such the long faces.
Franky: Hey Ms. Meetry don’t pay us any attention. We’re just having a bad day. Ms. Meetry: Well there is nothing worse than a bad day. but I’m sure it can’t be that terrible. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on son?
Lee: Well… it all started when I was trying to show off to Bernard. and I told him Don Eazy was gone let me on the radio.
Ms. Meetry: Now why would you say a thing like that if you knew it that wasn’t the truth?
Lee: Ms. Meetry I just didn’t want to look bad. Bernard is always making fun of me and I just wanted to make him feel bad for a change. Ms. Meetry: Now that is where you are wrong Lee. Number one you should never tell a lie. Lies don’t help anyone. They only hurt. Do you understand?
Lee: Yes Ms. Meetry.
Ms. Meetry: and what about you Franky? Do you understand that you should never tell a lie? Lies only hurt. They don’t help.
Franky: Yes Ms. Meetry. Lee: Well I guess I’ll have to go to school and let Bernard talk bad about me.
Ms. Meetry: Now wait a second. What if I could get you on the radio?
Lee: Awe man that would be cool Ms. Meetry but how could you do that.
Ms. Meetry: Well let’s just say I used to take care of Don Eazy when he was just a
little boy like you guys. Now I can easily say he owes me a favor or two. But if you do this you better make me proud you hear?
Lee: Yes Ms. Meetry. You are so tight.
Ms. Meetry: Now I hope that means good, right? DJ Don Eazy: What up family. It is Friday and I’m feeling real good. Plus right now it’s that time that you have all been waiting for. You know what I mean. It’s time to make it flow on Friday. Now this week I got a friend, whose a friend of a friend, if you know what I mean. Coming through to drop some rhymes. I got my little guy Lee. What’s good Lee?
Lee: What up yo. What everybody. FresBerg.
DJ Don Eazy: and who are these guys with you fam? Chillz: Hey my name’s Chillz.
Franky: and my name’s Franky. We came here to chill with our homeboy MC Lee. What up FresBerg.
DJ Don Eazy: Well I heard that little man. So let’s stop talking and make it flow on Friday baby. You ready to go Lee? Lee: You know I’m ready. Lets go. Lets get it in.
DJ Don Eazy: Well lets get it in on make it flow Friday. Drop that beat.
(Music Plays) Uh huh! Yeah! MC to the Lee Yo I might be a kid, but you can’t see me. When I pick up the mic I rock beats. I rep the Berg run the streets. Like summer time I bring the heat. MC got no time for lames, yo I might be a kid got no time for games. Cold as a slurpy brain freeze, cold as winter. Running wild you can’t catch me like a sprinter. With my boys on the block. Frank and Chillz when I grow up I’m gonna get a record deal. but for now I keep my grades on track, do my chores at home add to my stacks showing love to my city and Ms. Meetry. Showing love to the block yo it’s Yung Lee.
We rock bikes and them roller skates. We be them kids from the Golden State Running to class we can’t be late. We be them kids from the Golden State On the block steady hopping them gates. We be them kids from the Golden State For school to end yo I can’t wait. We be them kids from the Golden State Jeremiah: Ok it is time to get up out of here. The day has come to a close. but like I said before you wanna keep it real just like Ms. Meetry said. Make sure you tell the truth and stay honest with folks. That’s keepin’ it real. But yo I got to check up out of here. It’s time to but before I go remember, make sure you stay safe. Listen to your mama and them, and you know yo’ boy J will be checking in to make sure you’re getting them grades. You hear me? I want A’s & B’s so get that for me and I’ll see you guys next time on Welcome to Fresberg.


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