Black History Month Videos: Duke Ellington Biography (Educational)
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Black History Month Videos: Duke Ellington Biography (Educational)

celebrating Black History Month today I
want to talk to you about a man who is famous in black history named Duke
Ellington Duke Ellington made his mark on history as a famous pianist conductor
songwriter and originator in the big band jazz era the life of Edward Kennedy
Ellington also known as Duke Ellington began April 29th 1899 in Washington DC Duke Ellington appointed his father
James Edward Ellington and his mother Daisy Kennedy both of these parents were
musicians and that influenced Duke as well by the time he was 7 years old he
began playing the piano and earned his nickname Duke because his friends
thought he was a gentleman by the age of 17 Duke began playing music
professionally in the 1920s Duke Ellington ventured out into the Broadway
nightclubs as a bandleader working with some of the most talented musicians of
their time by the 1940s Duke Ellington Fame continued to grow
composing hits at many loves like concerto for cootie Cottontail and cocoa in the world of music the Grammy Awards
are huge and Duke Ellington earned 12 Grammy Awards from 1959 to 2000
including 9 while he was alive other songs you can’t talk about without
speaking of his name include it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that swing
sophisticated lady prelude to a kiss solitude and satin dong with a music
career that lasted over 50 years it is hard to talk about jazz and the greats
without mentioning the name of Duke Ellington Ellington’s life came to an
end on May 24th 1974 at the age of 75 where he passed away from lung cancer
well that is all for me celebrating Black History Month with a music legend
named Duke Ellington I hope you enjoyed this biography and I’ll see you
guys next time


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