Before Landing at United, She Explored Politics, Education, and Nonprofit
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Before Landing at United, She Explored Politics, Education, and Nonprofit

(upbeat music) – I’m Natalie Mindrum. I’m managing director
of regional strategic initiatives at United Airlines. I was a bossy kid. I definitely wanted to be in charge, and I knew that from a pretty young age, but I wanted to be a writer, a veterinarian. Your path in life can be meandering. I don’t know that I could
have ever anticipated where I’d end up. I was a liberal arts
major partially because it’s what came most naturally to me. From there, I worked on
a political campaign, I did Teach for America. I lived abroad in Afghanistan and worked on a couple of development projects. It was sort of at that point that I started to realize like, “Oh, you know what? I should start exploring
graduate school options.” it was really an off-handed conversation where someone said, “Have you ever thought
about getting an MBA?” I really hadn’t at that point. I didn’t really know any women who had gotten an MBA, and I started to explore it and thought this could be a really good way to pivot my career. I remember being on the fence about getting an MBA. I remember reading articles from Forté about women going for it and believing in themselves, that they could do it. That was truly inspirational for me. I love the mission that Forté has to tell women they can do it. There’s still a gap in
the numbers of women versus men who obtain their MBA. Forté has a really important mission to close that gap. I’d love to be a part of that mission. I want to inspire women to go for it, to take a leap. They can do it. (upbeat music)

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