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Artificial Intelligence (Online) Program | What You’ll Learn | Kellogg Executive Education

>>[ Background Music ] In this program, you will
explore the AI trends, tools, and applications that are
powering this revolution. You will learn how AI is being
used to manage customers, operations, and business
support functions. You’re going to learn how to develop an industry-specific
blueprint for AI, that you can use to identify and prioritize use cases
AI in your industry. You’re going to dive
deep into AI applications in selected industries
like healthcare, autonomous transportation,
and financial services. You’re going to apply
proprietary frameworks like the AI Canvas and the
AI Capability Maturity Model to design AI strategy and to implement AI
initiatives at your company. And you’re going to
get your hands dirty with hands-on Data Labs and
exercises that will show you how to build and use AI models. Using a wide range of real
world examples, case studies and hands-on learning, you’ll
gain real, actionable insights into how you can
implement an AI strategy that creates a competitive
advantage for your company and a recession proof
career boost for you. What does this program
consist of? We will have 8 in-depth modules that address the
technical fundamentals, application across business
functions and industries, and approaches to drive
business transformation through AI applications. We will have a series of
videos that present concepts, frameworks, and illustrations. We will take you through
more than 50 examples and case studies that
show AI applications in real world situations. Each module will feature
action learning exercises to contextualize the
concepts to your business, as well as live webinars with
me, as well as interviews with expert practitioners. [ Music ]

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