• Brittany Gardner

    Omg I’m horrified to say these kids are dead!! It’s a Casey Anthony case all over again. It’s disgusting children should have more rights..😢😢😢

  • Sincerity

    This story this woman bothers me so much I just want these kids to be found! If it’s their bodies than I want them to be recovered! This seems like a ruthless woman that does not want that to happen! I wonder if they are panicking- I bet they colored their hair she probably bought contacts and that man lost weight sick freaking ppl!they left Hawaii but definitely went to another island! Prey these kids are found

  • John Christopher Robert

    The authorities obviously don’t really think the children are in danger or the mother and the new husband would be sitting in a jail cell until they produced the children to the court.

  • William Wallace

    Too Strange, Deranged more likely , Why Doesn’t the Judge in Idaho get tough ? Children Missing!!!?Can Police Push Harder from and in Arizona ??

  • mikes5637

    I'm a little concerned about all this information being available on social media in the event of a trial. It's going to be very difficult to find a jury with no knowledge of this case beforehand. I can see this ending in a mistrial due to jury prejudice.

  • Michael Senn

    People are in prison for less than what these people have done. Those children are being used for sick religious cult purposes.

  • Kim Rene’

    The media already knows the kids are alive but they keep insinuating that the kids are deceased. This is a religious issue. The spouses deaths were likely murder but the kids have not been murdered. I hope authorities will cooperate across state lines and rescue these children from the insanity that must be their lives. Pray!

  • Sharon Lee Lockhart

    I worry about these children. I worry that the Mother and her husband has sold them to some kind of a sex cult. I don't know why but that is what keeps coming to my mind when I hear they are still missing and there is no clues as to where they are, or if they are still alive. I sure hope I am very wrong, as, if that is what she did to her children, that would be worse than any death they could have been put through. I keep them in my prayers and would so like to hear they are found, they are safe and have not been put in harms way.

  • Scabs Hough

    Lorie all Methed out Hearing from Religious voices. And I suppose She Believes in magical underwear to. Lorie's Husband Sounds like He was A Good stand up Guy and He is Dead now Crazy twist turn of events with this Whole Ordeal.

  • I can't seem to delete this channel.

    If there weren't not one but possible two murders that happened I would say it's ok for a parent to move and take the children out of school but all this is very bad.
    You know what it looks like to me is they know they might get caught so they are living it up until then. She probably put the children where she wanted them to live during the time they are running and after when they are in prision. The problem is, are the people the children are with safe and are the children ok?
    I think there will come a point when they both realize that the other is not right and they will want away from each other. Honeymoon over! Then what! Maybe his friends or family have the children. How will she get them back? These two don't act like people that act very legal. She better cooperate with the law before something happens to her at his hand or vise versa because it isn't going to work out long. It's already falling apart.

  • Mark Arnold

    Manufactured news. Please shut up about this until you actually have something to report about the location of these children. This is ridiculous.

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