Alice envisions the future – Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon
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Alice envisions the future – Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon

[Instrumental music plays in the background] We are here at Girls in AI Bucharest Hackathon
and there is such a wonderful atmosphere created by 130 girls and more than 80 mentors, speakers
and volunteers. [Music continues in the background] We envisioned this event for high-school girls
all over the world and during the 2-day hackathon experience we challenged them to tackle global
issues through Artificial Intelligence. So far, they are doing an impressive job! [Joyful instrumental beats in the background] Human population is 50% women. Why don’t we have 50% minimum in our tech
industries? [Joyful sounds in the background] I believe the future is female and today is the best moment to create that future. [Music continues in the background] We basically developed an app that will help
bullied girls. The app is connected to digital cameras and
it has a facial recognition implanted which will be able to identify some emotions such
as anger, frustration, sadness. [Music keeps playing in the background] We can save our planet because of this app. [Cheerful applause sounds, music fades out] [Cheering sounds]

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