A Music Education is More Than An Education of Music
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A Music Education is More Than An Education of Music

as we interviewed some of the musicians
and the composer’s I’ve always found the correlation between education and and
music so I find that when they when a child starts young on a piano or in a
music discipline that transcends into their life of them
you’re really pursuing an education have you found that as well
the I’m a believer that a music education is more than just an education
and music a music education prepares a kid for just about anything anything go
across the street to the Medical Center almost all those doctors played piano
and violin that night absolutely absolutely plan involved the neuro motor
skills and the teamwork I mean I’m a great believer in the school athletics
for the same reason you learn your part in a team learn how to get along is all
these things are so crucial no matter what your skill set that’s right these
are the intangibles and if you want to be a professional musician if you didn’t
start when you were youngest it’s very difficult it’s very difficult you know
and as we learn and learn and speak to the the musicians you know that our you
know chamber ensembles or with symphonies and orchestras around the world
is that we find that they they have a respect for for the music for the
instrument and then for their colleagues right so and whether requisites seems to
be of course you need to be technically advanced and you can play and you’re at
that level where you can you know you can sit you have a seat with the chamber
but you also have to be personable right yeah they like each other prepared be
prepared to learn yeah like you know the thing that I’ve gotten out of it and
this whole idea of being a professional musician more than anything else is the
fact that every day I realized how little I know and I’ve always enjoyed
sitting second chair to someone who’s really good because I can learn where
that guy I’m saying first here just worried about my chair forcing the
second chair I’m learning and smart musicians doing you know really good
musicians you can always tell they’re they’re generous they share their
knowledge with others and and the ones they’re the little
backstabbers are the ones that are usually not so good that’s right and
they know it that kind of psychotic and protect their position the right way but
the good musicians are always generous and sharing and you can learn from them
so I have always tried to associate with good musician that’s smart you’re a
smart man that’s why you’ve been around for 40 years

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