31 Days of Learning English – Friday 11th October – improve your English – TASTE / MONEY – day 11

are we on? testing testing 1 2 3 I am
here with you and you are here with me welcome to day 11 of 31 days of English
during October 2019 yeah oh dear dear dear dear Oh sometimes
YouTube makes me very frustrated sometimes I want to smash my computer to
pieces and it’s not even my fault its YouTube thank you once again to YouTube
for making some changes on the site without telling me thank you very much
for that I like it when YouTube does that thanks a lot YouTube for making
changes to the way that the livestream is set up but you didn’t tell me so
that’s a little bit awkward isn’t it hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you okay I hope so are you happy
hmmm I hope so here we go then guess what everyone it’s Friday it’s Friday it’s the end of the week yes
the weekend is just around the corner I hope you have had a good week how was
your week was it a good week or was it a really rubbish week I don’t know because
I’m not there so here we go then live and a little bit late I’m sorry about
that it wasn’t my fault can I just say now I
know a lot of people will say mr. Duncan you’re just blaming YouTube for your own
mistake I’m not honestly it was YouTube they had reset all of the parameters for
the livestream without telling me which includes making the livestream
unlisted and private so no one could see it
thanks a lot YouTube for doing that it wasn’t my fault you are watching a YouTube star meltdown
before your very eyes I mean the fact that I said YouTube star to describe
myself shows you what a terrible state I am in at the moment
so here we go then it’s Friday what is it the 11th 11th day of October for
those who are wondering I am doing this every day of the month during October 31
days of live English October 2019 Monday to Friday 2 p.m. UK time normally except
today because YouTube decided to change some of the things on their site and
also tomorrow and with you as well tomorrow from midday 12 p.m. UK time and
on Sunday I am with you also every single flipping day of the week I nearly
swore their hello to the live chat as well nice to see you all here hey guess
what it is do you know what day it is today it is
coming out day world coming out day so if you have a little secret about
yourself and you would like to reveal it right here right now then maybe you
would like to do it to the whole world yes it is World Coming Out Day and as
you can see I am now going to admit something to you all I can no longer
keep this a secret I have something about myself that I
have to tell you I am a brony and there you can see Rainbow Dash from My Little
Pony Friendship is Magic friendship is wonderful friendship makes me smile so
here we go then how are you I’m I’m a little bit pissed off because of YouTube
but besides that I’m not too bad thank you very much thank you for asking
Rahul says hi there hello Rahul also connell you are both first on today’s
live livestream Oh congratulations well this is all going very well so far
isn’t it I do apologise once again for being late and of course thank you
YouTube for sabotaging my live stream sabotage oh I like that word I wasn’t
going to mention that word however because YouTube decided to sabotage my
live stream I am going to mention it sabotage means to purposely damage
something to stop it from working to prevent something from occurring by
breaking it or causing damage you sabotage something so there is a word I
wasn’t going to use but I’ve used it thank you once again to YouTube and
congratulations to Rahul and Connell for being first on my second attempt at
having a live stream hello also to my roots my ruse and also
Julie nice to see you here Ali hello Ali nice to see you here on the live stream
for Friday yes Friday has arrived also Louie Louie and Attila hello Attila
Belarusian thank you for joining me thank you for sticking with me during my
technical problem which turned out to be YouTube’s fault Shadrach says hello good afternoon nice
to see you here Noemi also connell again and Louie Louie says today’s lesson is
all about taste and money yes we are talking about taste and all of the words
connected to it and also money because did you see in the news someone decided
to play the lottery the National Lottery and they won a lot of money how much did
they win they win this much money look at that look at the amount of money on
the screen right now can you see it 170 million pounds one person has won
this week on the national lottery in fact it’s the European lottery so they
have actually they’ve won a hundred and seventy million pounds one person I feel
like dr. evil when I do that 170 million pounds dead today something like that so
there one person has won all that money and that is a large sum of money look at
that look at all those zeros there are six zeroes and also another one at the
end of the first figure a hundred and seventy million pounds that is a lot of
money if I had that much money I would buy YouTube I would buy it and then I
would make sure that no one no one will ever have their livestream interrupted
ever again if I was in charge of YouTube things would be different
trust me so here we go then would you like to win some money the question is
of course who wants to be a million I might so would you like to have a lot
of money do you play the lottery so are you a person who likes to get involved
with your local lottery do you play the lottery in your country of course in
some countries lotteries are not allowed for various reasons so that is one of
today’s questions Who Wants to Be a Millionaire one person this week in the
UK has won a lot of money a big stack of cash am i jealous am i jealous no not at
all Nasir is here hello mr. Duncan how are
you I’m okay it’s day 11 I have made it all away today 11 hello Ali hello also 2
min hello min thank you for joining me I am very sorry for the problems at 2
o’clock but it wasn’t my fault it was actually YouTube who keep making changes
to their site so sometimes when they change things they make other changes as
well and they don’t tell the publishers like me and it would be a nice idea if
we were told hello also to Fernando Fernando says I
am online now I am late don’t worry so am i due to some problems with
YouTube Emmet says hello mr. d’Ancona would you
mind telling us when mr. Steve will appear on the live chat well can I tell
you something right now in around about 15 minutes I will be showing you a video
of myself and also mr. Steve in the garden so that coming up a little bit
later on Julie says if I weren’t this amount of money I will share it with you
do you mean me or do you mean everyone on the live chat
because that is a lot of people Helena hello Helena zina Orlean it says I don’t
like money I like knowledge and I am here again nice to see you back
welcome Helena says so much money yes 170 million pounds that is a lot of cash
a lot of of this readies so in British English we call money readies so that is
a slang word for money or of course cash so we say cash or many readies there are many ways of
describing money in fact you are a good teacher Thank You Fernando I am also a
very calm man as you can see I am still relaxed I haven’t been put off by the
fact that there were some problems so I’m ok hello to majora or new juror who
is watching in take tajikistan hello to you wow I don’t think I’ve ever had
anyone from your country before Louie Louie says I don’t play the
lottery I don’t gamble with the lottery I prefer happiness over money so instead
of having money you prefer happiness me too trust me a lot of people think that
I’m wealthy and rich but I’m not and nor is my family in fact I was raised in
very modest circumstances a lot of people think I come from a rich family
but I don’t I can promise you that right now hello man Jalal
hello sir is there a plural of money no money is generally money so a little
money a lot of money of course if you are
talking about what they are made of the the money itself so there are different
types of money so you can have paper money or money made of metal coins so
you can count poins so there you go
the coins but we don’t say monies so money and coins so that relates to the
metal money money that is made of metal and of course if you are talking about
paper money notes so we will often describe money as notes anna says have
you just decided if you will do a like daily live stream please please don’t
ask you this question today please I am feeling so delicate Anna says have you
decided if you will do a daily live stream after October I hope so
I’m not sure I’m not sure oh dear after all the stress I’ve had today maybe not
maybe never again Ali says I do not like to play the lottery they are selling the
dream to people well I agree with you because I don’t a lot of people know
that I don’t play the lottery never have I think it is to be honest with you a
waste of money and also a large part of the money that you spend on the lottery
goes to the government in tax so most people complain about having to pay tax
to the government but every week they will go and spend lots of money on the
lottery and a large portion of that goes straight to the government
dear me hello to India Amit says hello mr. Duncan I wish you well a good
evening from 1.3 billion Indians that is a big country I’ve never been to India
I’ve never been there ana says we used the same gesture for money here in Italy
gesture so gesture means something you do with your hands you move your hands
around you gesture you move your hands you show something by moving your hands
or putting your hands in a certain position maybe you do this which means
okay although some people have said this week that this is racist I don’t know
how I’m not sure how but this means okay okay are you okay I hope so and this of
course is pray this when we do this it means crazy are you crazy
you play the lottery you spend all your money on the lottery are you crazy
ana says body language yes a gesture so when you gesture it normally means you
communicate with a person by using your hands or quite often your body come here
you see I am asking you to come here come here I want a word with you Colonel
says time is money it is for some people except for me because I do all of this
for free it doesn’t cost anything however if you have recently won the
lottery if you are a lottery and you think mmm who shall I give some
of that money to you can send some of it to me because I do all of my work for
free I don’t charge anything what’s more I’ve been doing this for almost 13 years
so 13 years without charging any money so if you want to make a donation you
can make a donation to this address there it is now on your screen a man
says hello from Egypt hello Egypt Fernando is telling me to stay
calm stay calm mr. Duncan calm down calm down um it asks what do you think about
the idea that money can buy happiness well I don’t think it does money never
guarantees happiness money is something that you just have next to you it is
cold it is unfeeling it has no emotions it has no morals
so money can’t buy happiness it can buy many things it can buy you a meal every
day to eat but lots and lots of money doesn’t necessarily bring happiness
unfortunately pal Mira says there is a great song by ABBA called Manny Manny
Manny must be funny in a rich man’s world
hello mr. Duncan I love your beautiful clear British accent Thank You Muhammad
Husain it’s very kind of you to say so thank you for taking the time to say
hello to me today money spent on the brain is never spent in vain yes maybe
you spend some money on an exercise book or a dictionary or something that can
help you to educate yourself yes I think so
very nice Pedro Pedro is here today
Pedro Belmont wait everything is ok these are some universal gestures oh
this is also a gesture thumbs up so if you do this it means great great great
everything is good thumbs up we are we Andrew is here also Hanna
Connell and Patrick we are now up to date with the live chat we are talking
about quite a few things today we are also going into the garden to look at
something I recorded with mr. Steve we are carrying out a certain job that
coming very soon here’s an interesting phrase have you ever heard this phrase
true colors true colors when you find out someone’s true colors what does it
mean well true colors means real intention or real motive so the real
reason why someone is talking to you or maybe you find out what a person’s
character really is like so true colors when we reveal our true colors it means
we reveal our true self so maybe you are hiding things away from other people and
you want to show what you are really like you will show your true colors
there was a song many years ago called true colors your true colors are
beautiful like a rainbow Cyndi Lauper true colors so if you reveal your true
self or your real motive you are revealing your true colors you reveal
your real character or what you are really like I
hope you enjoyed that lots of things to talk about including going out into the
garden with mr. Steve yes I know you millions and millions of kisses and love
from Syria hello to Syria and I hope you are well today yeah man thank you very
much yes Cindy Lauper had a song in the charts many years ago I think it was way
back in the nineteen eighties true colors I really like Cyndi Lauper very
much there was the other song that she had girls just want to have fun girls
just wanna have fun girls just wanna have fun
Abdullah says not good teacher oh thank you Abdullah not a good teacher oh thank
you very much Abdullah well I have some news for you
bye-bye I prefer Phil Collins hello Pedro Phil Collins yes I think he also
had a song similar to that Pat Jew says hello sir
hello to you as well thank you very much to Nadia
hello Nadia from Algeria this is my first time watching you live I like it
hello Nadia I have calmed down now I am very calm
very relaxed I have gone to my magic place where I can feel calm and serene
serenity is mine we’re going into the garden soon with mr. Steve we’re going
to be doing something very exciting yeah man says you are a nice singer
thank you very much also to RH s who says lysa Minnelli or
Lisa Minelli is it Liza Liza Minnelli once had a song
called money makes the world go around the world go round the world go round
money makes the world go round hello also to saj Ali Connell says pass with
flying colors that’s a good expression if you pass
with flying colors it means you do very well maybe in a test or an exam so if
you do very well in something if you succeed with a very high degree you pass
with flying colors I like it hello also to hanane hello to you Pedro
is one of the moderators by the way so please be on your best behavior
also Belarusian and Luis Mendez I haven’t seen Luis Mendez today has
anyone seen Luis Mendez calling Luis Mendez are you there
thank you to Louie Louie thank you also to our med in Iraq hello to you lots of
people watching right now thank you very much for joining me we are about to go
into the garden because as you know the garden is if isn’t a big garden but it
is probably larger than average and you have to do a lot of work in the
garden by the way I have something very exciting to show you after we have
watched this video clip so it’s coming up – what is it now
three o’clock now normally we would finish now but today I was half an hour
late so you still have another half an hour so I’m not going because I was half
an hour late so I will stay for another half hour so don’t worry I’m not going
yet I will be with you for another half an hour so don’t click away don’t go
because I I am NOT leaving instead we will go into the garden and we are going
to have a look at something mr. Steve and myself were doing two years ago and
then after that we are back to the live chat oh hello mr. Steve hello there mr.
Duncan and hello everyone watching out there in YouTube land we are out in the
garden it’s a beautiful evening it’s a little bit chilly but we are out here
for a special reason because we are going to cut down the bunk ulis the big
dunk ulis that is growing at the moment in the garden so what are we going to do
mr. Steve well the full name of the plant is a car Duncan us and of course
we bought this particular plant because it’s got a mention of your name in it so
card ankhila sounds like Duncan which is of course your first name
I actually spotted this plant in the shop I said to mr. Steve I said look mr.
Steve this plant is called carbon coulis and my name is Duncan so I couldn’t
resist I said to mr. Steve I said let’s buy one and then we can have a dunk ulis
growing in the garden yes mr. Duncan you wanted to have a plant in the garden
that sounded like it was named after you what an ego of course I couldn’t resist
buying it because it’s called car dung keyless and my name is Duncan mr. Steve
is busy pulling up the sticks that have been holding up the dung Kilis for so
long come on mr. Steve give it a good pull there it goes
you’re very good at this you can see mr. Steve is thinking about it will he be
able to carry out this huge task because of course this is a very big plant look
at the size of it so what do you think mr. Steve do you think you’ll be able to
do it yes this plant needs chopping down because it’s dies off in the winter and
therefore if we leave it out it won’t look very nice because you can see the
one behind is already dying off this is what you call a perennial plant which
means that it dies off during the winter months and comes back again in the
spring so this plant will kind of regenerate itself yes so this plant here
will die off so we will cut it away and then next year a new plant will reappear
as if by magic it’s grown this height in one growing season and the new baby
plants are already present at the base that’s incredible can you see this particular thing here
mr. Steve it is called a capitulum or as it’s more commonly known a flower head careful mr. Steve we wouldn’t want that
big plant to fall on your head so mr. Steve will now put all of the
bits of the dunk ulis into the wheelie bin I must admit this is turning out to be a
very busy evening job done and there it is already you can see next year’s car
dunk Ulis growing and a year from now we’ll be cutting this one down so there
it was I hope you enjoyed that that was something we filmed in the garden two
years ago and yes the plant did return and it had returned as well this year so
now you know so there you go I hope you enjoyed that something to show mr. Steve
in the garden because a lot of people ask about Steve they say Steve is such a
good gardener and there you could see Steve doing that very thing so we are
live and it is what time is it now it is five minutes past three o’clock don’t
worry I am here live today and I was a little bit late due to technical
problems because of YouTube they made some changes and didn’t tell me
as they usually do that’s normally what YouTube does they normally make changes
but they don’t tell me anyway I have something so exciting to tell you
something to show you guess who returned to the back of my
house this morning they are back the sheep have returned can you see them
they are now at the back of the house so this is something I recorded this
morning just after they arrived so the farmer delivered them to the field first
thing this morning very early this morning and there you can see them and
they are out there right now as well I have a live camera
setup so the big question is are the sheep there at the moment I have a
feeling that they’re not so that was this morning and this this is now can
you believe it I had my lovely camera set up ready to
show you the Sheep live and they’re not there they’ve gone into the other field
isn’t that typical well hopefully before the end of today’s livestream we will
get to see the Sheep at the back of my house live however here they are this
morning so this is then this morning just after they arrived unfortunately at
the moment they are not there they are in the next field so I hope they will
return soon so we can all enjoy the Sheep together wouldn’t that be lovely
hello also to pet you when I was living in the countryside well I live in the
countryside now and to be honest with you I think it is the most amazing thing
in the world I would prefer living here than living in a big town or city
I couldn’t stand I wouldn’t be able to stand the noise from the traffic it
would drive me crazy it really would Alexandra says oh my
goodness you have such a nice view yes there are some nice views outside
including this view so this is looking into the distance right now so that is
actually a live view looking out of my studio window so yes I always consider
myself lucky to live in such a beautiful place with such nice surroundings thank
you very much for your lovely comments patrick asks are there any cows well the
cows and also the bulls have gone so the bullocks and also the cows have now been
taken away and they’ve been placed with sheep so now we have sheep
at the back of the house which is very interesting so there they are
but hopefully later on we will get to see the sheep at the back of the house
live but at the moment sadly not so I will wait patiently for them to come
back the big city is for young people who enjoy the noise says ten Chang well
I’m not sure about that people of all ages live in the cities so not everyone
not all the people living in the cities are young there are lots of older people
as well but from my own point of view it has been my dream to live in a place
that is quiet gentle and also relaxing Ali says I found two idioms concerning
sheep you separate the sheep from the goats and also you make sheeps eyes at
someone now those are very old-fashioned I think so I don’t think we use either
those anymore we don’t use either of those phrases these days however you can
of course be sheepish so if you act in a sheepish way it means you are shy you
are a little shy you feel a little introverted so you are a person who is a
little shy you can be sometimes a little sheepish when you are with a group of
people so to be sheepish is to be timid Patrick says I live in the countryside
as well but in Thailand I imagine that the countryside in Thailand must be
lovely I think so Nastya asks a very interesting question because we have
been talking about money I ask today who wants to be a millionaire
because someone this week in the UK won a lot of money a large sum of money a
hundred and seventy million pounds can you believe it Wow
how much money do you get from YouTube each month asks nasiha well first of all
that’s a very personal question and I will try to answer it because you don’t
normally ask a person how much they earn however I will tell you that it isn’t
very much so whatever YouTube tells the media and
you will often see people being promoted through the media as being YouTube
millionaires can I just say now I am a long way from being a YouTube
millionaire and no I don’t earn very much money from YouTube despite what the
newspapers and the television and YouTube would like you to believe would
you mind explaining the difference between the the the though and although
well though is again moving in an opposite direction so it’s a bit like
what I said yesterday when you were talking about one thing but then you
want to change the direction slightly though though it’s a little bit like by
the way mr. Duncan I invite you to visit Bahrain to welcome you I hope you will
accept I would like to do some world traveling I have been abroad twice this
year because mr. Steve was very lucky he actually won two holidays this year and
he took me with him isn’t that nice saman says hello ladies and gentlemen
how can i improve my well first of all you are in the right
place coming here and of course you can listen to me and also you can look at
the captions as well so if you press that on your keyboard you will actually
get live captions isn’t that incredible I can’t believe it I love technology so
much I earn a lot of English by watching you live well you might say gain so when
you gain something it means you receive so maybe you receive a lot of English
knowledge so when we say gain you gain something you receive something quite
often something that is a benefit to you so something you benefit from thank you
very much for the invites a lot of people seem to want to invite me to
their countries I like it very much do you have other jobs well at the
moment I only have one job and that is being here every day as you know I am
here every single day and I do this for free so during October as I approach my
13th year on YouTube 13 years I’ve been doing this phrase
Miller says I live in the middle of nowhere in Poland and I like being close
to nature well there you go yes so if you live in the middle of nowhere
it means you live in a very remote place somewhere far from other people far from
the cities far away from the towns you live in the middle of nowhere I am
keeping an eye on the sheep I want to wait to see if the sheep return so I
have a live camera at the moment pointing out of the window
but the sheep have disappeared they’ve wondered away so hopefully we might see
them a little bit later on right now though right now I want to talk about
something else we are talking about the word taste a very interesting word it
seems like an innocent simple word but as I mentioned yesterday quite often in
English some of the most simple words some of the simplest and most common
words quite often have a lot of meanings they can be very deep words so let’s
have a look at the word taste so there it is
on the screen right now for you to see taste first of all as a noun the word
taste names the sense that allows us to feel or experience the flavor of
something it also relates to the style choices that a person makes quite often
in their life so when you make a choice when you choose something a certain type
of thing normally it will relate to your taste and also it can name one of the
five senses you taste food you taste things as a verb the word taste is the
action of experiencing the flavor of something you taste some food you taste
a drink your tastes your sense of taste allows you to taste so that’s quite
interesting so as we talk about taste as a noun and a verb your sense of taste
allows you to taste next a person’s choice of clothing in furniture or what
music they choose to listen to all relate to their taste we can also say
style choice fashion sense so in this respect
taste refers to what you like the things that make you feel happy
when you see them your taste the things you enjoy a person’s choice of clothing
and furniture or what music they choose to listen to all relate to their taste then we have flavor another word quite
often used especially when we are talking about food my favorite subject
the word flavor defines how something appears or the feeling it projects you
can taste flavored food or the flavor of food so the flavor is the taste it is
the actual thing that you sense you can feel the flavor of something you see or
hear so you can feel or you can sense the flavor of something that you see or
hear so in that respect in that particular definition you are explaining
how something makes you feel so the mood that is projected from something quite
often in fashion we talk about flavors colors styles flavors you might hear the
phrase flavor of the month so if something is the flavor of the month it
is the thing that is currently popular something that a lot of people enjoy
doing or wearing or listening to it is the flavor of the month there are many flavors that can be
detected by your sense of taste the tongue is the main organ for sensing
taste however the nose is also used during the tasting process so maybe you
didn’t know that I’m not sure if you know it or not but besides your tongue
you also know you also use your nose as well so that is a very useful part of
the body your nose can be used for many things so let’s have a look at some
flavors and of course they can be used in other ways as well for example we
have sweet something that is sweet something that tastes pleasant so the
word sweet often refers to things that contain sugar
they are often Pleasant they are pleasant to eat something tastes sweet
the word sweet can also describe something that is attractive or pleasant
so maybe a person can be sweet they can be kind generous thoughtful you might
describe them as sweet as a noun it can also mean things that you eat that
contain a lot of sugar such as chocolate so chocolate is a type of sweet and you
can have a sweet tooth if you have a sweet tooth
it means you enjoy eating things that contain a lot of sugar a little bit like
me really a lot of people say that I have a sweet tooth which is true another
one something that is salty salty so if something is described as salty it means
it contains a lot of salt it has a particular
tastehh so some people like to put salt on their food maybe they want their food
to have more flavour so they will put salt on their food so something that has
a lot of salt in it or inside it it contains a lot of salt is salty normally
when you have fish and chips in this country you will put a lot of salt on
your chips it’s true salty a person who also appears in person as a person who’s
been through lots of things so maybe an elderly man who looks as if he’s
traveled the world he’s done all sorts of things a man whose face shows that
throughout his life he has had a lot of adventures he might be salty or a person
who may be a little their character might be a little objectionable or
awkward so a person can be a little salty so the word salty can be used in
many ways so if something tastes salty it means that it has a lot of salt
inside it back to the live chat quickly Eric says you have spelt flavor wrong no
I haven’t trust me so that the spelling of flavor is not
incorrect trust me so in British English it is spelled differently so you will
see on the screen let me just show you a game flavour so that is the British
English spelling that is why it is different
for those who are wondering hello from Algeria nice to see you here today
thanks for joining me yes both spellings are correct but one is British English
and the other one is American English so I hope that helps a lot of people now on
the live chat thank you very much finally everyone is here even though I
was half an hour late because I had some technical problems YouTube had changed
some of the settings on my livestream without telling me
so they are always doing updates here is another flavour something else that you
can taste there you go something is savoury now this is similar
to salt or salty so something that is savory might have more than one flavor
but quite often it is salty but also it might be sweet as well so savory is
something that is almost a combination of two different tastes savory food I
must admit I like savory food very much I do like eating things that have a
sweet and also salty taste at the same time so something is savory another one
sour sour oh I like this one Sawa if something is
sour then it means that the the flavor is not very good so perhaps if you pick
some fruit and maybe you eat the fruit too soon before it has gone ripe you
might say that it tastes very sour so the word sour is actually
a word Fitz can mean unpleasant so if something tastes sour quite often
it tastes unpleasant something is sour quite often in certain types of cooking
for example Chinese cooking you might have sweet and sour together another one
this is very similar to sour bitter if something tastes bitter again it is a
little unpleasant certain fruit can taste bitter so something that is bitter
can also be described as sour so something that has a strong and almost
unpleasant flavor and then bitter which is not as bad so sour is worse than
bitter so something that is gone sour of course the word sour can also mean bad
or rotten especially when you are talking about fruit or maybe milk so if
the milk smells bad we can say that it has gone sour
don’t drink that milk it has gone sour sour and of of course bitter a person
can also behave in a bitter way so a person can actually be bitter if they
always resent other people maybe they feel bad because in their life they
didn’t experience any happiness they might hate all of the people around them
who have happiness and joy so bitter can describe a type of emotion as well an
emotion of bitterness bitter can also mean cold so maybe on a very cold day
perhaps during the winter you might say that
whoo it’s snowing out there it’s snowing outside and it is very bitter bitter
it means cold finally we have two words here tangy or sharp so again these can
describe a type of taste quite often tangy something that is tangy quite
often has a very strong flavor quite often sweet and sour at the same
time so something tangy certain fruit can taste tangy such as an orange so you
might say that an orange tastes tangy the taste can also be sharp as well a
sharp flavor quite often relating to fruit I hope you
enjoyed that we are coming toward the end of today’s live streams slightly
different because we were late I am sorry about that
I do apologize Patrick says lemons are bitter yes lemons are very bitter have
you ever tried eating a lemon it’s virtually impossible almost impossible
so I am going in a moment thank you very much for your company don’t forget of
course I am back tomorrow it it is Saturday hmm Saturday tomorrow as I lose
my voice I’ve had too much stress today that’s why too much stress something
that is yummy is delicious so yes Patrick if something is yummy mmm
yummy it means delicious so a thing that you like eating you can say that it
tastes yummy or delicious vinegar yes vinegar is also bitter and sour
Thank You rhs I am going thank you Belarusian
I am back tomorrow a different time don’t forget on Saturday 12 o’clock I
will show the times so you can see right there tomorrow Saturday 12 p.m. midday
UK time because the weekend is here tomorrow it is the weekend tomorrow so I
will see you tomorrow at 12 midday UK time and that is its I am going let’s
have one last look outside are the sheep there no I can’t believe it isn’t that
amazing the sheep have been there all morning and now because my live camera
is watching them they’ve disappeared into the next field so that went well
didn’t it that went really well thanks a lot for your company I am going now
Thank You Ali Thank You salmon Thank You Patrick
I am back tomorrow at 12:00 midday and of course you know what’s coming next
yes you do as we all prepare to have a little dance
feel free to dance around your bedroom or your office wherever you are and of
course until tomorrow 12 p.m. UK time you know what’s coming
next yes you do ta ta for now 😎

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