12 Reasons ESL Teachers Fail Teaching English Abroad
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12 Reasons ESL Teachers Fail Teaching English Abroad

hey what’s up it’s Ben here BenTeachesEnglishOverseas.com I hope you’re doing fantastic wherever this
video finds you so this week I was working with a young guy he gave me a
fantastic idea for a video figure that I will go ahead and knock this out just
gonna go off the cuff as usual gonna discuss a few items that we’re gonna see
where it takes us so the question today he says Ben I’ve spent a lot of time
looking up info about failed attempts at teaching overseas and the most common
culprits okay he had a few good ones in my opinion there are about 12 okay you
can kind of put these into any particular category that you like but
there are 12 pretty common reasons that people go overseas they go to get
started or whatever I’m not saying because you fit into one or more of
these categories because I myself did that you will be a failure that’s not
necessarily indicative of how things are gonna roll but just be mindful and give
yourself the best possible chance of success right out the gate right so
number one is bad contracts okay obvious right how many times have we talked
about that on this channel if you have a bad contract that’s like the foundation
sucks right how you gonna build a great house on a shitty foundation not gonna
work so a lot of people they either give too much of the benefit of the doubt to
the employer or what’s being said to them or they just you know kind of hope
for the best and kind of you know close their eyes and put a blindfold on and
start throwing darts at the dartboard it doesn’t work that way
okay you got to make sure that you got the right contract and that it’s set up
properly okay that’s number one number two shady employers that kind of goes
along with a bad contract right but I would say that there are some good
employers that have less than ideal contract
maybe there are you know shady employers that have decent contracts and you know
they want to keep the they want to keep things going they don’t want to lose too
many employees for fear that they’re gonna get a bad reputation
some people will only be shady when given the opportunity to be shady right
number three people being ill-prepared this is huge this is so huge okay if you
go to China for instance and you don’t know anything about a VPN you don’t know
anything about how you’re gonna get your money out of the country you don’t know
anything about air pollution or whatever these are the people who are most often
pissed off it’s like but you didn’t do any research right I got an email not
too long ago the person had like four gripes and I put the name of the city in
Google and a bunch of different things every single freaking gripe was on page
one of Google it’s like come on man come on just do like human a basic search
would have saved you a lot of this headache a lot of this frustration right
but I don’t know maybe it’s the Information Age we get so we have so
much information readily available at our fingertips that some people just
have a hard time with it I don’t know not making any excuse for that person
because that was a that was pretty lame number four being ill trained okay some
people are naturals some people can just get in front of the classroom and they
can roll with it other people you know they need a lot of help and that’s all
right everybody’s got to start somewhere but if you’re that person who is scared
to death to get in front of students or you that person you know you’re just
like I need some training go get you some training and go with it
right some people they’d rather you know give it a shot before they commit to you
know something like a cellto or whatever kind of certification they’re gonna do
they’d like to know that they like teaching first cool but you know don’t
don’t get upset if you get handed your ass because
you don’t know what you’re doing in front of the class okay you gotta have
at least a base level an idea of what you’re gonna do and if not you know some
people that are not interested in money and some people that you know just want
to kind of toss the keys of their life off to somebody else they like you know
these programs where they teach you everything from the ground up according
to their system to each his own number five people failing to research
their destination I was just talking to a friend last night I cannot believe it
well I can’t believe it but it’s like every single place that I’ve ever lived
in as an expat there are people who bitch about that place and it’s like did
you not research it at all like why be somewhere where you’re unhappy you know
if you think you’re gonna hate the place you might hate it so you know how a
fallback plan I have a have an idea a strategy of what you’re gonna do if I
fit really sucks okay and don’t get yourself into the situation first in the
first place number six is homesickness a lot of
people get away from home and they you know miss grandmas rhubarb pie and and
they want to go to you know the cruise the 4-h babes and throw stuff off the
bridge with their friends or whatever else and you know it’s it really starts
to get to them and we could get into culture shock and all that I’ve touched
on it in other videos I feel culture shock is the point of the whole damn
thing of going overseas if you don’t have culture shock and cultural shocks
what gives me the rush culture shocks what I love I love being around people
that are not like me and and how people think and what not okay
number seven relationships relationships some people you know how many times have
I seen this oh I broke up with my girlfriend it’s on the rocks
or whatever I got to get away from her and then they break up and then the
person gets overseas and they’re like oh we started talking you know on chat
again and you know distance makes the heart grow fonder and blah blah blah and
then they’ve got all this like emo stuff going on in their head and they’re not
focused on the job and so the job goes downhill they don’t focus on what they
went there to begin with and the whole relationship thing just derails
everything okay my dad used to say distance makes the heart grow fonder of
other people sometimes true sometimes not next one number eight issues that
they haven’t resolved in their home countries I’m guilty man my dad kicked
the bucket and I’m still in probate court it’s been six damn years and I let
that I beat myself up over that for so long because I felt I won’t say somewhat
responsible but there’s a lot of issues that are still unresolved that are out
of my control and you know I I just had to come to that conclusion like dude you
this is not of your doing stop sticking around trying to to jam a square peg
into a round hole because it ain’t gonna work right and I’m glad that I left
because if I were still there would be still the same shit and I would still be
wallowing in depression about the situation which I’ve kind of given up on
at this point so issues that they haven’t resolved in their home countries
that’s big and this can be a multitude of things number nine
lack of an oh in mind yes you’re gonna go to a place
and it’s not good they’re gonna do things that are not like you’re used to
they’re gonna prepare food in a way that’s not like anything you’re used to
etc etc culture shock is the damn point keep your mind open be ready to
experience that that’s like the whole point of going overseas right number ten
this one is serious drug and dependency issues you know how many people go to
the Middle East that are like severe alcoholics quite a lot it was shocking
to me guys like yeah I’m gonna go to frickin Kuwait and dry out no you’re the
weirdo that ends up brewing wine in their bathtub and stops showering true
story not exaggerating don’t if you’re a person with drug or dependency issues
you know get help do whatever you need to do to get your life back on track but
don’t expect an ESL contract to do the work for you or you’re gonna put
yourself in a situation whereby you’re shut off you know because you end up
causing problems in other ways if you’ve heard or had an experience with somebody
like this chop me a comment down below I’d like to hear your story too because
there are some crazy ones number eleven running away from something in ESL I
don’t know you get a lot of people that are like you know trying to get away
from something and I’m not just talking about people with criminal records
or whatever but people who just want to get away from something and that’s
something is kind of always in the back of their mind and they they bring a
certain level of misery with them or whatever and they don’t focus on the job
in what they’re trying to do in accomplishing their goals okay and
number 12 nostalgia nostalgia is a bitch I can
tell you that sometimes I feel like I want to be in five places at the same
time but one thing that I can tell you for sure is that the mind is a crazy
thing how it works and sometimes I recollect certain scenarios and
situations that I’ve been through in my life as being a lot cooler than they
actually were or maybe even being worse than they actually were but a lot of
people when they have time on their hands and they start to think about
things and you know go back just like we said a few minutes ago about the
relationship and whatever else they oh I remember the good times when we were
riding the ferris wheel eating ice cream yeah you didn’t think about the time
when you know the person was screaming pulling your hair out or whatever anyway
these are 12 different items that we’ve covered today reasons why people fail at
teaching English overseas they’re not able to make it work I hope this video
finds you very well if you enjoyed this please drop me a like in a comment below
I look forward to hearing from you Ben teaches English overseas.com and I will
see you next time


  • Meanwhile Jessie

    I so appreciate who you are and what you’re doing for ESL teachers!! Thank you so much Ben! You have I inspired me so much with your words of wisdom.

  • Ryan Stallard

    People aren't trained how to remember things correctly, and it is a major problem. Someone once said "The Good Old Days were the times when you were too young to see the world as it really was."

  • Zackery Messenger

    Ben, nostolgia IS a bitch! I laughed when you said that!! Keep up the good work 👍 I would also add cultural fatigue, but maybe that's also part of homesickness

  • TheSwordfish009

    #11 is a funny one. Running away from problems 🏃

    One story I know of is one dude popping babies and fled from child support by teaching. overseas. He can never go back to the UK or child support will nab him. Another guy was the reverse and had tons of babies overseas all over Asia but never took care of them.

    Another story is an American guy was teaching in China for 10-15 years. He was having a relationship and his Chinese girlfriend looked him up and found that he was wanted for rape and murder. She reported him and he was deported immediately lol

  • TheSwordfish009

    #7 is a good one also. Relationships.

    Women from the West who teach abroad get lonely and feel fat especially in asian countries like China. Everyone is small and slim in China so it makes the Western girls feel super fat (some are indeed fat). They also tend to get humbler and quieter since they see that their "roar for i am an independent woman" thing doesn't work with men abroad. All of that ego goes right out the window after year 1-2.

    Many Western girls also usually aren't attracted to asian guys since they tend to be short. They seek out Western guys, Latino guys, black guys and tend to be more appreciative or CHASE MORE aggressively when therwise they would wouldn't have if they remained at their home country.

    They become much more friendlier and mild tempered. I personally know a girl from the United States who even laughs like Asian girls by covering her mouth when giggling. Very weird yet interesting and refreshing.

  • Joe Montaperto

    Hey Ben – REALLY enjoy all your videos – they're both intelligent and insightful…I'm wondering if you could possibly post the names of those two ESL books you recommended by Raymond Murphy and Betty Azar? Thanks!

  • Vocal Queen

    I really enjoy your backstory humor.
    I've been following you for a while now,
    Thank you for being so real and honest.

    – I am currently taking a TEFL course.

  • Claptrap Claptrap

    Couple of comments to Ben's points. If you have drug dependency or are heavy drinker, it is equally important to avoid places where those things are easily available and often cheap. That heavy drinking can turn to a full blown alcoholism when you can barely afford a box sized room in a slum and both alcohol and drug abuse have lead to deaths.

    Escaping something can work. I escaped the problems that caused my decades long depression in my previous country: the problems haven't gone away but being away helps me not to think about them constantly when I cannot do anything about them anyway. It is also easier to deal with the issues more logically without the emotional crap when they are not at your face every day: out of sight, out of mind can give that mental break you need to think logically – as long as you don't put your head in the sand forever. So, for me and a few others I have talked about, escaping unresolved issues has been a good thing.
    Culture shock might be something that invigorates Ben but if you are not that type, researching your destination country as much as you can, not just the official stuff but gripes and personal experiences of expats can lessen the culture shock considerably. I had stayed in the country for a few months (a shorter visit might also be be beneficial as long as you don't just do all the tourist things) and researched it for a year and learned some basic phrases so my transition was SO MUCH EASIER than my previous expat country – but there have still been culture shock moments. Not every experience you have has been written about.

  • Leanne Richards

    Ben are you high in this video?! LOL, this video was fun to watch especially because you don't seem quite yourself today. Hhmmm… Too much caffeine?

  • Danny O'Sullivan

    In my experience most TEFL teachers are abroad because of family or a girlfriend. I can't think of any exception to the rule.

    Also a guy last year had a bottle of wine a night alone in his room. The cleaner went in after 1 week and he forgot to throw them away and found 5 bottles in 5 days.

  • Brad Broby

    Thanks for the great and wise advice. Btw, you're seriously cute and good-looking. Cute face and big and strong arms :-). You're beauty and brains. WOW!

  • Marlese Walters

    Another good one Ben. I am taking everything into consideration for Vietnam. Have been researching like a mad person. I can't believe some people move across the world blindly. I am also very much looking forward to the culture shock part….that is the point right!! Keep well.

  • tinglestingles

    Number 11, running away, not just ESL – happens everywhere. Much better to run towards! We are running towards Mexico City next Wednesday… wife started packing last week. Thanks for your advice.

  • Steven Ayy

    Knew a guy, of course he had to tell me about his opioid problems within 3 min. Parents sent him abroad. He had a surgery on a mole and discovered there's some shitty perc knockoff over the counter, dude got fired from 4 diff schools before being deported.

  • Waqar Ishfaq

    Love this video bro! I'm going through all of your videos one by one! I've been offered a few places in china without a teaching qualification but I do have a masters degree and teaching experience. Still holding out for Qatar or Dubai ideally. It'll be hard I know but I most likely will do the celta to secure a position there. Will sign up for your services on your website also. You da man!

  • Daryl Vaz

    Hey Ben I'm an Indian. I hve 3 years of experience in teaching English for adults in India. I'm planning to apply for the CELTA program. Just curious to know if I stand a chance to get a job abroad as a English trainer post CELTA certification.

  • Adgurl Oone

    Great video as always Ben! I watched this video while on the Metro in Shanghai on my way to work. I love your insight and transparency. I’ve been here a month now…still in the honeymoon phase. Check back with me in 3 months 😆

  • Jon Prue

    Hey Ben,

    Long time no talk. I figured I would share a funny story about the drug and dependency section of your video. Last contract, we had a woman pull a midnight run 3 months into the contract, basically right before Christmas. We had to juggle filling in her classes until the next semester. When I came back from my vacation in February, I got into my apartment at about noon on a Saturday. And at 3pm I heard this guy yelling at the neighbors across the way who were blasting music, which is normal during Spring Festival and in the middle of a Saturday to boot. He was yelling "Turn off that fucking music or I'm going to come over there and kick your ass!" Now I knew it was coming from my building and that I didn't recognize the voice, so I surmised it was the new teacher replacing the old one who ran off.

    Turns out that the guy is 54 years old and has been going to a new place every year for many years. I tried my hardest to befriend him, but he was such a cynical asshole who always knew better than everyone and was always trying to be judgemental and put people into little boxes. One night the guy drank 15 bottles of 330ml 17% Sojou (Korean liquor). He ended up going to a net cafe and staying up all night, sleeping maybe an hour or two throughout the night and drinking beer while there too to keep his buzz. I went to meet him at noon the following day at the net cafe and we leave together, the first thing he does is grab another couple beers. We got into a verbal disagreement after I had taken him to my place and cooked for him. And ever since then he was so spiteful to me, even though I was the only person who was trying to be nice to him. My other coworkers and I would go out and have to avoid him on the way home, walking far out of our way because he would drink at a restaurant on the street until between 3 and 5:30 am by his own admission. The guy was always complaining that he had no money, even borrowed from a few people because he was spending every night out getting shitfaced drunk.

    Anyway, long story short, a few weeks later, him and I made up and I tried to talk to him about how much he is drinking. A couple days later he is arrested for getting into a fight and punching a young 23 year old Chinese guy on the street at 5:30 am. He ended up getting fired and deported, but he was still blaming everyone else but himself.

    China is a dangerous place for alcoholics or recovering alcoholics. The liquor here is so cheap it's not even funny. I did the math the last time I saw a cheap bottle in the store. It was 40 RMB for 5 liters of 53% alcohol. That equates to $1.16 US per liter. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cheaper than in the US. And it's sold in practically every store, you can even order it on TaoBao and have it shipped to your place!

  • Challenges' Hunter

    Hi Ben! Great video as usual, I have a question please; for non-native speakers, do you think that getting an online TEFL certificate and some experience can replace in-class TEFL courses when applying for an ESL job?

  • Aquarian Christianity

    I like being around people who are different from me! I dislike routine often. If you don't like novelties, foreigners surrounding you, if you hate it, it seems reasonable you won't like teaching overseas; if you have a closed mind. If one is trying to escape one "problem" it seems he will quickly find himself in another one. Obviously, it's good to go to Mexico, or travel somewhere with a different culture, and preferably different language, before you get a bad contract and job in one.

  • Tom Davidson

    From my experience I would also say that a lack of interest in the subject matter also leads a lot of people to fail. All they see is the exotic life abroad but fail to recognise or respect the necessity to actually work for it. I've lost count of the amount of 'teachers' who have not read any books since they left school and find the concept of grammar boring. They also have zero interest in current affairs and possess the conversational skills of a slug. Yet somehow they think they're going to make great language instructors.

    If you hated physical work you wouldn't move abroad to work in the construction industry so don't play at being a teacher if you find the whole thing a drag!

  • Ageless Mind

    What's up Ben! I subscribed with two different emails to get The Big 6 ebook but I didn't receive anything. Could you please verify if there is anything wrong with your website ?

  • onephatdude

    Shady hogwans, being manipulated and bad luck.

    Watch out. Do lots of research on any potential employer. Especially when you're going abroad.

    If you have doubts or reservations & it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

  • J K

    Step 1; Just researched a school in Beijing I have an interview with tomorrow morning and it's all negative news! China looks like a minefield of bad contracts.

  • Nicholas Hodies

    Hi Ben. Your videos are great, humorous and to the point. Good stuff. You forget to mention the ESL teachers living aboard for all the cheap pussy. Um, not me of course.

  • J

    In my experience, the number one reason why people quit teaching abroad, certainly in EFL, is that they don't see it as a long-term prospect, especially if they want to have a family. If you're single and childless, then the cost of living compared to the salary you get is an extremely good deal. But that disappears as soon as you have to send just one kid to an international school. I know a few teacher couples who've had kids abroad, and without fail, they've all returned home before the kid was school age. And I know plenty more who have returned home and retrained because they know that they're going to want those things soon.

  • apple sauce

    Imagine you are your great grandfather or grandmother when they moved to your Western country in the 1920s. What did they do? DO WHAT THEY DID NOW and you will be successful in many aspects. It is incredibly challenging to adapt and assimilate and learn a new language. Fail to do what they did and I don't think it is reasonable to imagine that you will succeed for long in a foreign country even if making and saving a good amount.

  • tatianamcl

    Thanks for your videos. I have a contract question. How do you know if you have a bad contact? Are contracts enforceable on a tourist visa? What's the best way to get money out of China?

  • Lil Iodine

    Brewing alcohol and not showering? Hahaha. That is crazy. Your descriptions of scenarios are hysterical. You are on point with so many things.

  • Michael Lederman Real Estate Services

    Read this article that freaked me out … Comments ? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/education/educationnews/3325192/The-slavery-of-teaching-English.html

  • Sage Pirotess

    I think you left out the biggest one. They make no plan to go home. No references from abroad, no savings, no continued education that they can adjust well when they go back home. One day they will be to old for a work visa or hit with a medical problem and need to return home. But may end up homeless back home.


    Such a drag that people go overseas to teach just to get away from thier selves . I feel a person doing such things should not waste the students time bringing all their baggage with them , the only baggage you should be bringing with you are your skills that you have to offer . If your not there to be a support to their education and make a positive difference in the lives of the people your teaching and the people of the community you are living in stay home go to counseling and heal . That being said we all have our issues but school is not a place to be doing your dirty laundry it a place to get dirty finger painting, maker stain, pen on your white shirt ect.. as for your Dad I hope you continue to heal from his death , I had nine people in my life pass away in two short years , at the time they felt like the longest years of my life . Death is not such a bad tradition so I have learned ,( I had a near death experience) but it can leave you feeling like you always have unfinished business when really we don't . We are never responsible for an other life unless we take it and if thats the case the cops usually get you lolol at least hopefully anyway . Your Dad is never far from you he is just not atoms made up in a human form now he is atoms with so much space you can't see him but trust me he is still atoms just more free flowing . I bet you have felt him near by ,had some experience that you are not ready to share with the world and maybe not ready to receive yourself . The people who pass on can't come to see us until they know we are ready . Once you let him go he can come back to visit you . God Bless you , know he is at least half of you so go look in the mirror you will find him . 🙂 🙂 Thank you for these videos they are enormously helpful.!!!! I feel your pain and I honor it !! TAKE CARE of your dear heart .

  • thenidge

    OMG the Google and research thing!!!! I have met so many people who literally came to China who didn't research about anything. My friend and I were hitting our heads against the walls every time we met people like this.

  • Jessica

    Running away from something: guilty. But honestly, I think all ESL teachers have done the adult version of running away from home. We're all a kind of misfits in some way. I've been in Germany for six years now. I'm married, I have a kid, and I have a job. I'm settled in for good. Still, I am learning that the problems I ran away from didn't just disappear. They are still there in my head and back at home waiting to be dealt with. That's just part of being a grown up, no matter where you live. Good insights, Ben. I have to agree with all of it. However, you have to allow the long time expats a little bit of allowance to moan about the adopted country. Some of us have been living in our adopted country for years and years. There is an undertow of weirdness to every single day of our lives. We have to vent that stress once in a while. Ultimately, though, you have a point. Just accept the food, the weather, the annoying local mannerisms. You won't change it!

  • Annika Ehrig

    Thanks Ben! I'm living abroad as a student and all of these can also be applied to a study abroad program! Totally agree living abroad long term is not for everyone!

  • Whit Peters

    I once worked with someone who was a Harvard grad, she actually did not even tell anyone about it. I think it was too much for her to try and live up to. Drunk all the time, socially awkward as hell. Tried to befriend her, but she was way too intense and depressing. She ended up leaving our office for a kindy gig (we specialized in teens and test prep). Not sure what happened to her.

  • Lo hart

    Being told by my teachers growing up that I should teach, I came to realise my dream to travel would be achieved by teaching. As apparently I have a knack for it.
    When you mentioned the culture shock it made me giggle a little, I spent Christmas with my Chinese friends and one brought chicken feet! Once she revealed it everyone started to speak hushed in Chinese whilst looking at me. When I asked what was wrong they showed me the feet! I felt my face drain of colour and I made a chicken foot shape with my hand whilst pretending to be shocked. They started to laugh but told me I didn’t have to eat it if I didn’t. Of course I tried the feet! I nibbled one toe before accepting defeat as boi was that like chewing fat with bones in it (I hate fat, and bones so a very bad combo for me). However I ate everything else, spice and all. I felt very thankful that they invited me and it made my desire to make China my first stop even more. I just know their food is more adventurous than what I’m used to. But I’ve got this! ….I hope. My first trip to China will be in June (my Chinese friends family invited me to their home for a month) so I’m super excited, and their only condition is that I help her dad with his English which I think is a great deal for free lodging and the overall experience. Honestly the Chinese are so nice, a little complex with how they view certain things but really nice people in general.

  • Rukumu Deen

    Sir, I get a lot of things to know from ur clips. So thank you so much sir. I am a big fan of you. Keep sending us such fruitful things.

  • Darth Rex

    Good advice and I would actually say that this can relate and also apply in many ways with teaching domestically (aka stateside) in various subjects, including English. I'm definitely saving this video if and when I need my 'come back to Jesus' moment in reflecting on my teaching profession and practice. Thank you Ben.

  • Madie Thurber

    Thanks for the vid! I teach english remotely to kids in China and I'm making $20/hr. They’re hiring and the process is simple! You don't have to have a degree, just enrolled. Hiring link in my video description explaining interview process: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=hrpLmoBzrXw&t=29s

  • Zenbeach Traveler

    They get bored and they want to Purpose greater than entertaining a market that only likes them because they are white.

  • Ezra Rose

    In my first contract, the person I was replacing got fired on his first day. I never met this person, but the story goes that this kid from Australia had done some schooling in China, so his Mandarin was decent. He figures he's gonna take a crack at teaching English. According to my roommate at the time, this guy's first order of business arriving at the accommodation was to contact a group of girls from TanTan and go out the night before he had classes the very next day. According to my roomie the guy shows up at like 3am, screaming and pounding on the door, covered in blood. I guess those girls set him up to get mugged – money, passport, everything, gone! Plus being drunk and hight on crack he certainly couldn't teach the next day.

  • hanna cai

    really useful video man! yes ill-prepared is a huge problem.as an employee of a job website www.hiredchina.com , i always meet some people saying one sentence i want to be a teacher pls help. and they do not do any researches before coming to China. they do not search for some English teacher requirements of first-tie cities in China (now require native speakers). and yes culture shock is also another big problem. different country different culture .one must know if you take the offer to teach in a different country like China, it means you need to face the new challenge a lot! be open minded and try to build a good relationship with your colleagues , take part in some events to meet new friends . try to overcome difficulties

  • Pursuing Pictorialism

    If I have a diploma, would it still be possible to teach English provided I've done a tefl course as well as tutoring experience.

  • Sanatea *No Sana No Life*

    Hey, so I am 27 and really don't love my job. I sell insurance, I make around 40,000 a year canadian. I never finished my university because of life complications so I'd need to finish my bachelors online or something before doing this (since I am looking at japan/south korea). You've done this for so long, is this a career path? Can you save good money and invest in your future for retirement while also doing something you love? I love experiencing new cultures and learning new things, it seems like such a rewarding way to live life. I've never cared much about marriage or having kids and am more concerned with being happy that I lived a interesting life. I can't find any youtubers as experienced as you so advice would be great!

  • Ali Stevens

    Ben! What if our dependency issues are more so prescribed mental health drugs ie Adderal? Lol I’m asking if they still prescribe that over there 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Vaughn Friday

    lol I didnt see this until after I bought a coaching and half a year into teaching. I hit all 12 ahahah, still think I made the best of it.

  • British Comedy Bronco Rothschild Triple Agent

    Your a creepy Agent NOT a ESL teacher, right Ben? I can tell you have no idea what your talking about.

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